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    Seat swivel

    Have a swivel pedestal in Tucson Arizona that I'm selling. Unfortunately I'm on a Florida trip for a couple more weeks.
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    International 4700 4X4 Rescue Conversion

    I'm also a fan of having two tanks for water. As well as multiple ways to fill them, w/ or w/o power or pressure.
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    WTB Dometic CFX40

    Thanks, I got one. Will be deleting this thread.
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    Why, you getting rid of it?
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    WTB Dometic CFX40

    In the high desert of SoCal. Looking for the discontinued version of Dometics CFX 40. Need that version as it still has the compressor vents on what would be the front in my application/space.
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    M2 Freightliner Ambulance Conversion Project. 2007 Crew Cab

    I was going the same direction w/ my steps, only I was thinking if timing chain.
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    Hey man, haven't seen you in years. What water were you headed to?
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    Truck acquired. Let the shenanigans begin.

    They are less common now that 20' containers are being the base for a lot of things. I would check on Steel Soldiers, even ask in the "wanted" section as people may have ones that aren't being listed. I found mine in a yard full of mil surplus and a friend found a few on Craigslist/ebay a few...
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    Truck acquired. Let the shenanigans begin.

    Could always throw a comm shelter on it.
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Would like to see more on that building.
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    I remember you getting one of those a few/several (?) years ago. Really like the grills the first couple years, then . . . I had a '65 for years and dragged a trailer all over w/ it. Finally killed it on black ice. [emoji37]
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    The couple I've been holding onto, together.
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    SRW vs DRW? Planning to install a coach on a Ford Super Duty but can't decide on wheel configuration (dually?)

    I'm not a fan of duals anywhere that I have to make a track, snow, sand, mud, etc. In that situation I want my tires to be mostly following each other. If I'm haul a heavy load, or a tall one, I like really like them. They also let you basically have three spares in just normal use, (not when...
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    Ambulance Camper/ Expedition Rig Conversion FAQ

    It is true that the O-rings, which seal the return lines from leaking or air intrusion, can be sucking air after shutdown. Especially if they were installed dry (w/o a bit of grease) and have been bumped by working on the enging5, or are really old. That type of air intrusion usually results in...