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    1993 Revcon Trailblazer - Project Overhaul

    I too was disappointed that this thread is still on Hiatus. But then again it is 2020 and man this year has just sucked so I will continue to anxiously await the return of this project.
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    Did this project die out?
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    Alaskan on a 97 F250 4x4 Diesel

    Awesome, Just awesome. Keep up the good work.
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    DRE's New FWC Project

    Very Nice build and some awesome ideas. Thanks for having us along for the ride.
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    The Woodsy Bit: Adventures of an '88 Phoenix

    Don't know how I missed this but I am now fully caught up on your awesome thread. Thanks for having us along for the ride.
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    I would like your opinions on this truck build & bed modifications

    I don't think the motor is a bad thing. Those engines got a bad rap, if you know what you are doing and you know its limitations the motor is no worse then any other. I have owned several of that generation of truck and never had the motor be any problem.
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    Project “Polar Bear”: 1989 V2500 Suburban

    I am also pretty late to the party, but I wouldn't be a true dad if I didn't congratulate you and your wife on your beautiful daughter. I have three boys and my littlest is a girl. The boys don't get away with much but dang that little girl of mine has me wrapped around her little finger, and...
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    Help us design a camp vehicle.

    Hello all, I have been on this site for years searching out the meaning of life. I have found it within the pages of the website and although I am converted to see the light and want to quit my job and sell all my possessions and live out of our camper for the rest of my life; my wife and four...
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    GOVE Global Overland Vehicle Economical build.

    I have loved this thread. So much thought has gone into this build. Like so many others on this board I am always amazed at the ingenuity of the board members. This build and design is not one that we could currently use (we have 4 children requiring lot of space on the road or else Dad would...
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    1976 Chevrolet Blazer Chalet (Utah)

    This is not mine. (I wish it were) I know that there is alot of people who want one of these. As the ad says this one could use some work but hey this gives someone a chance to build exactly what they want. I can go inspect it if someone is interested enough (it is about 2 hours away from me)...
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    Ford F700 Build

    I am digging this build, I love it when people push the boundaries. I can't wait to see this develop.
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    Countries Visited: Resource

    Wow my list of 14 measly countries seem so very small compared to many of you. I personally have visited 14 countries visited them for at least 3 weeks. Most of them I have lived in for 3 to 4 years. Although because I signed up on this board as a family and this is an adventure that we...
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    Disabled Explorers Update?

    Lance, I am glad you found a point man for Operations here in the U.S. I am not at the point in my recovery to take on such a project and I was really concerned about the organization taking a huge hit. When I do get to the point of being able to help out more I would love to know how; so...
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    Advice Wanted (Warning Long Post)

    Thanks, For all the input. Just got back from a Scouting weekend with the two older boys. We took the 93 with us. the thing is in really good condition we went about 250 miles round trip and spent the night at some hot springs. :wings: The hot springs were nice the 38 degrees outside not so...