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    Show me your cranes, please!

    I recall a fellow mogger who build a vertical exhaust stack behind the cab with heavy duty tubing. This served as both exhaust and base for the crane to load spare tire on the roof.
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    Insect mesh to protect radiator

    or drive a Unimog. Most of the dead bugs are on the back of my mog...
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    Pulled the trigger

    When then top is in the down position it protects all the windows.
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    Pulled the trigger

    Pop top makes a huge difference in interior space especially in the top bunk. You can sit up and still have headspace. I had a hard time figuring out the lift mechanism but it works well with the 4 electric screw jacks. When it’s closed it is well sealed but I am not happy with the seals when...
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    Pulled the trigger

    I went for an angle on the back of my mog. For a few reasons. Departure angle for the odd steep climb. It allows me to park closer to other vehicles when parallel parking or ferry crossings. I have my (short) awning out the back and the cutaway allows you to sit closer to the truck. It’s not so...
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    What do you really NEED for overlanding

    I think you should be critical of anyone telling you that you "need" something for over landing. Overlanding is the simplest of all travels and although the majority of us on this site would probably concur that it involves a "vehicle' of some type or other, what you choose and how you choose...
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    Mercedes at the NW Overland Rally 6/28 - 7/1 2018 ?

    Would love to join, but still in Africa. Next year
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    Is It Crazy That Buggy Guys Travel Without A Spare Tire?

    In all my miles of overlanding with motorcycles, never had a spare and I never had a tire problem that I couldn’t fix on the road. Always used tubes. I am kind of new to 4 wheel overlanding. On my unimog camper I only have 1 spare tire and would prefer 2 only for the sake of tire rotation on...
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    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    Homebuilt with a rising roof. Couldn’t find a camper to fit the silly rig so I made my own.
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    Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 CrewCab Expedition Build in Canada

    Nice pics of the camper on the West Coast. Well done. I really liked the photos inside your camper with the Tenere and Bundeswehr mog. Those are some damn fine souvenirs. Can’t wait to return home and get back to exploring BC with the Mog.
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    Lowly the Lorry. . .

    Not going to flame you either. I did the same Coast to Coast cannonball run a few years back with my newly purchased mog too. I had Bandit running a Subaru WRX the whole way. I even had t-shirts printed for the trip. Anyone contemplating such foolishness, be wary of the Nova Scotia weigh...
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    ALU skin on galvanized STEEL frame?

    I overlapped the sheets by a few inches. The thought of trying to butt large sheets of aluminum and have them fit nicely would have been a challenge to say the least. I often work alone
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    '87 VW Syncro Van in Powell River BC

    It is a nice Syncro. Saw it the other day in the Canadian Tire parking lot. My wife had to stop me from gawking:Wow1: I need something smaller than my Unimog for the Powell River backcountry...
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    Pictures of lifting roof seals? Anyone have them?

    uplifting and cheap too I built a rising roof camper similiar to the MAN truck image. In my case I needed to have two seals. One would be the scrubber which seals between the moving roof part and exterior wall. This ensures that there is no heat loss or bugs getting in. The second seal is...
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    Countries Visited: Resource

    75 countries visited. Not counting stopovers or connections. 3 Epic overland motorcycle adventures followed by years of humanitarian work. Another big trip is in the works (just not sure how I am going to explain to the wife and kids:Wow1:)