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    Winter Wanderings in AZ - Gila Canyon, Colorado River Valley, Kofa, Swansea, and Beyond

    It was a great honor to make a half dozen excursions with Ed during his later years . He was a unique one of a kind person with a great heart and many stories to share.
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    International scout II or other old iron

    Love the old Scouts. My Dad had a '65 that came from factory with positraction on both axles and a Garrett (Airesearch) turbo charger which he traded on a 1967 266 V8. His last one was a '71 800B with 304 and my brother bought a matching one as well-both were red. I had a 1969 304 800 at the...
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    Cherokee Trailhawk

    Just traded 2015 Trailhawk for 2018 TRD Offroad 4 runner. The Trailhawk was reliable (23K miles) and comfortable unlike our 2014 Rubicon which had engine oil leak at 9K and left me stranded off road at 14K with failed electric fan controller when out of town on 4x4 trail. Replaced it with a...
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    San Rafael Swell To Poison Springs Wash Road & Beyond

    Thanks for great videos and pics. I was lucky enough to get into the Maze/Land of Standing Rocks in the mid 60's to early 70's with my brother. Flint trail down the Orange Cliffs was a little more challenging back then. Was not officially in the NP so you could camp anywhere and have a camp...
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    Trans America Trail: A month's journey in a 96 Jeep XJ.

    So glad this "old" thread was revived-the narrative writing is absolutely brilliant. Highlight of my morning reading your travels. What a fortunate and blessed couple you are and its great how your personalities and abilities complement one another.
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    AEV Recruit - AEV does the RAM 1500

    Lost me with no locker-at least a rear one for 15K?
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    2015 (USA) / 2016 (NZ) AEV Brute Double Cab Build Thread

    I am using the "stubby" version-ram mounts for phone, tablet, and DeLorme Inreach. Works great and keeps my wife too busy to panic when I do something stupid.
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    The M~D~U Report: A Thousand Miles of Dirt in Utah

    Love to see your pictures and report on the Maze-of the three districts, I like the Maze/Land of the Standing Rocks the best. A buddy and I made a trip over Christmas break 1970-he in a brand new Power Wagon and myself in my 1969 Scout. Took us the best part of half a day getting down the...
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    The M~D~U Report: A Thousand Miles of Dirt in Utah

    Great report and great pictures as always. My first time up elephant hill into the Needles was in 1967 with my brother in his stock 1964 Scout with open differentials. No ranger station or permits needed. Did it myself in 1970 with a 1969 Scout with positraction on rear diff. and last time in...
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    New Years in Death Valley with the Family

    Great job helping those stranded tourists-that is what it is all about. Years ago my brother, his college roommate and I were about 20 miles from the highway in Bloody Basin and came across an elderly couple in a Buick stuck in the mud. We pulled them out and the gentleman made the remark that...
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    Mojave Desert Joshua Tree Road, Fort Pearce and Dinosaur Tracks

    X2 great post and pictures-adding this to my list of places. Wife is joining me in retirement in one week-so much to see.
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    Ford or Ram?

    Besides the front and rear lockers, warn winch you are also getting solid axles back and front same as 3/4 ton-so I agree that a PW is the best heavy half ton if you need that capability. AT in Prescott is suppose to have the "tacoma habitat" for 6.5 box by this coming Spring. I am thinking...
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    Front runner interior rack

    Blackhawkip-thanks for the tip. I actually have the hex head bolts and nyloc nuts but haven't tried that yet. They should be shipped that way because installation is easy until you get to that final step of putting bottom plates in. I agree that the quality and utility of the rack is top...
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    Front runner interior rack

    I can not answer your question-but will caution you that the rack will rattle like crazy when empty. Despite this obvious flaw, I did decide to keep mine. As long as you have some weight on it, it will be pretty quiet even off road.
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    Running a Stock Rig ???

    Started driving off road in the '60s when most vehicles were stock-if you were lucky enough to have one limited slip differential and mud tires you were usually head of the game. Over the years with many different vehicles, I have always modified them to be a little more capable than I need...