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    My new Bison

    They are great trucks. We have over 16k miles on ours in about 11 months of ownership. I’ve got the AEV Hi-Lines waiting to be installed. Jack
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    Jack's 2007 Chevy Build

    You are welcome. Jack
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    Jack's 2007 Chevy Build

    Sounds good and it sounds like you have a good idea of what you are facing. I will say that one of the hardest parts of the conversion is actually getting all of the IFS brackets cut out. Even with a plasma cutter, you will be using a sawsall and doing lots and lots of grinding. Make sure you...
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    Ryan's 07 Duramax LBZ build

    Pretty much the same around here in Northern Nevada. Jack
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    Jack's 2007 Chevy Build

    You are welcome and it’s been a lot fun. I went with Tim’s kit because I liked the design of the control arms better. To me the WFO arms looked too much like the dropped torsion bars of a lifted truck. There are bits of both kits that are better than the other. I like WFO‘s shock towers...
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    Ryan's 07 Duramax LBZ build

    Great job on a great truck. We always remark about how many of our era of GM trucks are still around. They might not be the “hotness” in overlanding; but everyone else seems to get it. I keep my eyes out for a low mileage grandpa truck. 😎 Thanks for the compliment. Jack
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    '06 GMC K2500 Buildup

    Sorry to hear about you getting Covid. House is looking good. Jack
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    2002 Duramax Solid Axle Adventure Build

    Nice work. The 273 is a great upgrade. Jack
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    4WC-leaky sewing holes on windows seamsealed?

    I had some minor water intrusion through the sewing holes in my soft top. I grabbed some seam sealer and hit everything I could. No more issues. Jack
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    Stay 4runner or go back to Jeep...

    I wouldn’t worry about your 4Runner at that mileage. Sure it probably needs some TLC, but that’ll be much cheaper than buying new. The Rubicon is certainly an outlier of off-road travel and it does help (a lot) to have clearance (tire size) to cross it. My first crossing in ‘94, it was very...
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    Ryan's 07 Duramax LBZ build

    The tank is a game changer for sure. Looks like some fun for you with the WP RnR. Those are not easy on our trucks. Also, since you are tackling the pinion seal, you might consider changing out the pinion yoke. You have enough mileage, you have to remove it anyway and because they are built...
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    Yetti's 2007 Outfitter Apex project.

    Truma Combi. No anode rod, just a small internal tank with a easy drain valve. Jack
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    Yetti's 2007 Outfitter Apex project.

    That makes sense. I guess mine were all Suburban based as they had anode rods. I would have been happy to not have to deal with them. Jack
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    Yetti's 2007 Outfitter Apex project.

    Nice, always hated pulling the anode rod to drain the HW heater in my previous campers. is that from the pressure valve? I’m assuming you still have the anode rod. Jack