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    Truck camping-looking for suggestions on organization and storage

    We used these reallyusefulboxes in our pop up camper. They happened to be the ones that stack (they may all stack, don't know) and had the channel under the lid for hanging file folders. With the camper closed up we stacked them two high and it was almost a perfect fit under the beds, and some...
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    Help needed please with GX 460 slider options

    Thank you moose545, they are on my short list, but busy with other things now. so this is on the back burner for now
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    Help needed please with GX 460 slider options

    Thank you too Tex68w, I have looked at some of these, but you have thrown some new possibilities into the mix. I have read some or your posts both here and on Mud, quite helpful. I like the bump out at the rear, and looking for sliders with the “deck” or step plates on them, mainly to keep...
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    Help needed please with GX 460 slider options

    Thank you chadwicksavage, I had time today to look at the build discussion video on the GX 460. You are correct, very nice. I have added their sliders to my “considering” list. Thanks for the help.
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    Help needed please with GX 460 slider options

    I have been doing extensive research on sliders for the GX 460, specifically 2010 and later with KDSS. It is my understanding that these use the same frame as the 4Runner of the same years. however I can find only 2 sliders that are listed specifically for this vehicle: by Outpost Off Road ...
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    Found this yesterday: Built 2016 4Runner, Albuquerque, NM

    Lexus of Albuquerque presents this 2016 Toyota 4Runner with 25,448 miles. Finished in Barcelona Red Metallic over Black interior. 4 Wheel Drive. Loaded Trail Premium trim package with ICON stage 5 Suspension, ICON wheels, CBI rear bumper and sliders, Pelfreybilt front bumper, GOBI rack and...
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    T4R rear swingout on a GX460?

    I am interested in tha same info.
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    SOLD...2013 GX460, Icon Suspension, Maggiolina RTT, 73k miles, asking $25,250 Socal

    Thank you Mike. I always install my own stuff as well, after having bad experiences with professional installers. Don't send the VIN unless I request it again. Not yet sure I want to try this vehicle, so I am still researching the issue. Do not want to waste your time until I decide.
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    GX 470, 460 suspension lift concerns

    Washingtondave: I have had good luck with OME on my LC100 and 3 JK Wranglers. They would be my first choice as long as I am confident that my previous experience will not be repeated. I started with a 1978 FJ55 in 1981, probably about the time you started with Jeeps.. Neosapian: That is...
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    SOLD...2013 GX460, Icon Suspension, Maggiolina RTT, 73k miles, asking $25,250 Socal

    I am interested in something with more towing capacity than my Wrangler, however just started looking at these vehicles. Please respond to the following questions and request: 1. Why are you selling? 2. please send the VIN 3. Who installed the suspension upgrades and what was the cost? I have...
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    GX 470, 460 suspension lift concerns

    I am considering trading off my Jeep Wrangler JK for something with more towing capacity. I would like to go back to the Toyota family, so just today I started researching the GS470 and GX460 and I am impressed by what I see so far. However my last Land Cruiser was a 100 series and I had...
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    Truck loads of Land Cruiser double cab pickups in South Florida this week

    This may be where those 70 series trucks are going:
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    Hiker Trailer 5x9 Off-Road Build

    Sorry, I take the cabin to include the galley. The info you are wanting is in post #15.