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  • i don't know if you're interested in the Shimano, but beware, it is a monster. i don't really recommend it if you're just surf fishing for drum or trout, as the smaller 12II Tyrnos is a better application. but that's not to say that this reel can't easily adapt (it's very adjustable) to smaller game fishing. my personal record speckled trout was a 7lb 32in fish that i caught with this reel, with 40lb mono.

    the best part about this reel is that it will also swallow your larger lb (braided) test line, for when you want to do it big. also, this reel is NOT level-winding.
    this work computer is not letting me reply to your thread. anyway, i don't do any offshore fishing, and used that monster Shimano Tyrnos 20II reel for shark fishing the surf. it holds something like 300yds of 40lb mono but if you use braided, it'll hold nearly 500yds. my last setup had 400yds of 80lb test on it, and it pulled in a 6ft 160lb bull shark with ease.

    i don't know if that's the kind of surf fishing you do, but it's free spool and casts very easily with a good hunk of bait/weight on the end. typically, we take the kayak out about 200yds, then cast from the kayak. on a good cast with my 10ft pole, i can probably get it nearly 100yds out with a whole ladyfish.
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