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    GX470 ARB Source

    I attach the link to the ARB guide and the guy has to special order it from the distributor (ARBUSA)
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    GX470 ARB Source

    4wheelparts and your soruce for GX acc is using the Land Cruiser Prado (120series)
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    Fuel filler Hose

    You might have a good chance with Google and eBay.
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    Aux Tank Punmbing???? Please Advise!!!!

    Aux Fuel Tank Plumbing????? Help ________________________________________ I like to follow this forum to get ideas on different mods. I read the MAF aux tank thread as I couldn't or maybe just missed it on how they plumb into the stock tank. I’m in the planning phase and bought a few pieces to...
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    Winch solenoid relocation - let's see yours

    Off topic a little. Is your AC compressor mod to be a Air Compressor?
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    Thoughts 255/80/17 KM2s on 4th Gen 4Runner?

    My friend who I wheeled wi9th "FireGuy" on here has them and he has nothing but good things to say about them. I have the 255/75R17. They are easy on gas and work hard on the trail. 2 years now and they been thru hell and still haven't pop one yet. Knock on wood. Tread life is wonderful too. I...
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    2003 and Up Range Rover Roof Rack & Ladder.

    Im in Nevada and $900 for both
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    2003 and Up Range Rover Roof Rack & Ladder.

    Fits all MKIII models. Both rack & ladder are geniue LR parts. I have the mounts for the rack. The ladder has to be drill to the tail gate. I'm in Northern Nevada and $900.00 for both. Was using it on my GX till I get an ARB rack.
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    Dual Battery Fuse

    If you have two batteries in parallel, than there is no reason for a fuse between the two batts. Just fuse aux devices! My setup is two yellow tops in parallel with a 200 continue duty solenoid connects when key is in on position. A main hot wire (2gauge) ran from the primary batt to a rear fuse...
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    Cheap Fridge <$400 shipped

    With the Vegas summer heat in the low hundreds every day. I have my fridge running 24/7. The fridges gets hot from what I can feel from the cool vents. Does any one see a problem with installing a aux fan? Pushing or pulling?