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    Leibbrand's 06 DC Limited Tundra Build

    WIth or without the form fit protector...
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    Leibbrand's 06 DC Limited Tundra Build

    Dempster, lots of mud, where the road was dry we drove 50-60mpg, truck did fine, no issues with truck or tires entire trip.
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    FS Maxtrax Mounting Bars, $20, Seattle _ SOLD

    SOLD Maxtrax mounting pin mounting bars, $20 Install pins on the end, bolt in slot allows you to mount the traxs in various positions.
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    FS: ARQ 270* Awning, Drivers, $300, Seattle

    ARQ Awning for sale, 270 degree, drivers side, 2M, local pickup, $300, never installed, no issues, black
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    Leibbrand's 06 DC Limited Tundra Build

    We drove the AlCan, there are some scenic sections and took the Top of the World Highway to the Yukon boarder and onto Dawson City. We stopped in Chicken for some gas,and to see the chicken Dawson City ferry was the end of the Top of the World Highway. We stayed in Dawson for the night...
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    Leibbrand's 06 DC Limited Tundra Build

    Installed new black housing headlights and markers when I had some downtime at camp on the road trip.
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    Leibbrand's 06 DC Limited Tundra Build

    The colors were indescribable on the Denali highway.
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    Leibbrand's 06 DC Limited Tundra Build

    Part 2 of the trip. Picked up the truck in Anchorage. Da Bears in Denali, a 1 ton pumpkin in Palmer, a sea of red on the Denali highway, a wolverine on the Top of the World, a death on the dempster, a birth on the Inside Passage. We spent a few days in Denali. Saw 20 some bears, a few close...
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    Cheaper 270 Degree Awnings: ARQ4WD & Overland Pros

    Company is hard to reach but I did get mine in finally. Mine is also for sale, drivers side 270, longer one.
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    FS Seattle 20$/40$/$25/$40 Pelican Storm Case iM2400, iM2200, 1200

    1 iM2400 @ 20$ Has some fasteners in it and glued in dividers that can be removed and cleaned up. Penetrations can be sealed with RTV or similar. 1 iM2400 @ 40$ Used, no issues 1 im2200 Yellow @ 40 1 1200 Orange @ 25