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    2017 Tacoma TRD Offroad, built.

    Not at this point. I've got a very specific plan going forward.
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    2017 Tacoma TRD Offroad, built.

    Of course. These are from the build of the cargo management system. The tool box slides into a cleat towards the front of the vehicle and locks down in the front. There was very little movement to the box once loaded. The cleat and lock in the front are both bolted into place for solid...
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    2017 Tacoma TRD Offroad, built.

    I'm itching to start the new project and bought a beater truck to span that gap... Money talks, if you're interested please get into contact with me!
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    2017 Tacoma TRD Offroad, built.

    Hi Guys, I am selling my very clean and well appointed Tacoma TRD Off-Road. With less than 6000 miles, it just received its first 5000mile maintenance in June! This truck has a transferable 2-year free maintenance program through Toyota. The truck is outfitted with: -ARB Front bumper...
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    How to make a cheap isolated dual-battery setup for $50

    Wow! It's taken me 4 years to finally use this thread!!! I'm almost finished with my second battery setup. Its cost more than $50. Let's blame it on Obama and inflation, shall we?
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    ARB fridge plug

    I didnt realize the fridge itself was weather proof enough to merit such debate?
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    Garage Sale ARB, Front Runner, Nemo, FoxWing

    Howdy, I may be interested in the awning. I'm up in Denton.
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    They said don't do it.....

    I wouldn't be surprised if Ian didn't have a JDM diesel, extremely modified, sitting in the garage itching to be installed into the 100. I'd put $5.00 on Ian wanting it to break just so he'd have the excuse to do something special. He's special that way.
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    Portrait Shots (show us your best)

    I forgot I posted the second pic already, good thing she's easy on the eyes.
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    Portrait Shots (show us your best)

    A couple of recent portraits of my drop dead, gorgeous wife.
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    Outdoor Kid Photo Thread

    I took my family down to Belize in November for a family vacation. We explored two Mayan archaeological sites, Xunantunich near San Ignacio as well as the Caracol site at the end of the infamously bumpy dirt road. Here's my eldest daughter atop the main structure at Xunantunich. We let her be...
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    Nate's 100 series family camping and DD build

    Hey Nathan, Thanks for the snorkel template. Planning to install ASAP. Can't believe the wife threw away the one in the kit..... I mean it was all only in the middle of the living room floor! :) I haven't looked under the fender well liner yet, did you just unplug the power antenna to prevent...
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    Latest Photo?

    Dang it Guam, you're giving me Cruiser envy again!!!! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk