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  • Heya Wes, I think you're the same person that I have corresponded with via email? Right?

    Hope to see you on the road one day too!

    Adventurous greetings,
    Hey Coen! Great to see you on here! I've been following your website for the last month now and have been endlessly inspired! I have read nearly everything you've written and I've found it so informative for my plans to live an overlanding lifestyle. I found your website while searching for Toyota landcruiser troop carriers. It's the vehicle I've always wanted to do overlanding with as I have had 40 series landcruisers before and I love there simplicity. In my driveway right now is a '81 bj42. I can't get enough of it.

    I hope one day to see you guys on the road. I will be driving a troopy as well and we'll have to stop and have a chat should we ever pass. Safe travels and an endless journey! You guys are so cool!

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