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    How Annoying is a Backseat Fridge?

    Looks like metal to me. That whole truck is a showpiece but way above my pay grade.
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Love the white T4R but I think your wife should add some black to the front. :)
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    How Annoying is a Backseat Fridge?

    Works for me. My fridge is only 27 quarts but is plenty big for my wife and me. I built a little platform for the 40% side of my Tacoma's rear seat and electrical socket on the back of the center console. I also have a platform for the 60% side when I feel like taking the whole seat out. I...
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    Looking For A Hitch Cargo Rack W/Added Ground Clearance...

    That's what I was thinking. You can get them with up to a foot drop so you could flip one over and get a foot of additional height.
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    Rockpals Refridgerator

    I have run mine continuously since June and it has performed flawlessly running on both AC and DC current. I bought their little 330W battery pack and it works well too but the 12V socket is unregulated. Their 100W portable solar panels work really well too and I use it to recharge the battery...
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    Tacoma vs 4Runner TRD Off-Road

    I think the rated tow weight is a misleading number on which to focus. If a 6,400 lb trailer has the recommended tongue weight of 10%-15% that's 640-960 lbs. of your weight limit which is what---about 1,000 lbs. optimistically. So the driver, passengers, camping gear in the bed, whatever can...
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    Tacoma vs 4Runner TRD Off-Road

    I've owned a 2012 Tacoma, a 2014 T4R and currently drive a 2019 Tacoma. If you don't need a pickup bed then the T4R is a much more comfortable vehicle. I wish I still had mine.
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    Watches - ExPo Style

    Compass watch when you press the crown.
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    First Foray into 4Runners - My 1st Gen Build

    This is 1985 when it was just car camping. I bought the first T4R in Austin. It is hard to see in the picture but the dealer removed the factory graphics and did some custom pin-striping, chrome wheels, brush guard, etc. Wish I still had it but after driving it for 14 years I had pretty much...
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    Scepter water can pump?

    Did it fit right on the cap without any cutting/fitting?
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    How in the hell is an S-Pod BantamX $915.00!

    Can you show us some pictures of the product in your Tacoma?
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    First Foray into 4Runners - My 1st Gen Build

    I didn't think this forum was quite so purist. I, for one, would like to see you stay and keep updating the thread. Those not interested should just scroll on by.
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    Tool Overkill?

    Yeah, it doesn't seem excessive to me and losing a few hand tools or a bunch of the electrical connectors won't save any appreciable weight. I used to carry the exact same jack setup and just never needed it. That is probably the place to save weight. Of course, as soon as you do you'll find...