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    Concrete slab thickness for vehicle lift? (And some great concrete suggestions!)

    Never do the min for a slab, 5 to 6 inch is better. As a minimum use 4000 pound concrete and get it verified by the invoice from the concrete company for later insurance claims. Use min 3/8 inch 24 inch on center rebar (wired together) not mesh. Dig a min of 24 inch deep by 36 inch square...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    At last you've got to it. You do yourself a great disservice bashing other vehicles. Each person gets what they want, give it a break.
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    Storing Propane

    I carry mine on the roof rack when traveling so the only issue is getting whacked by branches. Would never carry or store it inside the vehicle.
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    MaxTrax, are they worth it?

    I am curious about the size of hole folks want to span. If it just a hole, go around it if it is a crack in the rock perhaps your tires are not big enough. If you are going up or down a shelf perhaps your arrival and departure angle of your vehicle is not made for that shelf or the power and...
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    MaxTrax, are they worth it?

    They usually do group buy to save money.
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    MaxTrax, are they worth it?

    Mine are aluminum not steel.
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    MaxTrax, are they worth it?

    A little more specific than military tracks would be helpful. Do you mean Marston mats? Like this marston mats for sale
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    R Pod

    Don't discount us grey haired folks. Many of us live with the crap that is sold now as adventure quality gear that is so poorly constructed that it needs constant repair and we can do it. I prefer to camp without all this RV gear and do just fine. If I were to travel cross country and wanted to...
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    Batwing Awning Pros & Cons?

    I was thinking about a bat wing but I already have an awning on the right side. I would have to move the awning or get a left opening BW awning. Seems for the $$ it might not be worth it as there some cons to the BW that are also the cons to just about any awning in respect to wind especially. I...
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    Batwing Awning Pros & Cons?

    It makes no difference what side of the road one drives on to require an awning open on that side. Almost all would be deployed in an off road situation and would be at the discretion of the vehicle owner. It more often than not is the side that has the facilities of the vehicle to require...
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    Imported Defender question

    When it was time to register my Pinzgauer the vin did not correspond to vins in the US, I just added '0' to all the missing spaces.
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    Imported Defender question

    I bought my 1973 Pinzgauer from Washington and had no issue registering it in CO. It was an x-military vehicle registered as a SUV. Since your LR is already registered in US it might have no issues but I would bring all the paperwork that you have just in case, but I would not volunteer any...
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    Howling Moon 270 Awning

    Is there a video of how it attaches to the FR roof rack?
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    DIY Discada "Skottle" Cooker $65.00

    Must have been fun to design and build. Action shot would be cool.
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    LR3/LR4 Peeps, need roof rack advice/insight

    Funny thing is that I designed a wind faring 3 years ago and posted it on a site dealing with LRs. One guy saw it and wanted to know where I got it so I sent him a tracing of the metal shape and then he posts one he bought from FR on his LR. Although I did not patent my faring, I find it odd...