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    Project Victory_Overland 08 LR3 Build Thread!

    when I took out the third row seats to install FR drawer system I could not give them away, good luck with your sale.
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    Dear Ore-Landers: Sleeping method debate

    sleep on a cot with a self inflatable mattress from REI for comfort and a reasonable sleep
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    M416 Fenders - Want to Buy

    You could probably have a sheet metal shop or a HVAC shop bend some flat steel for you for a lot less. Just need some measurements
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    Wanted: Pinzgauer 712K or 718K anywhere in USA

    Try here and here and here you got to go where the vehicles are
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    New Defender News

    Much of the stuff on my LR is from ARB so you really don't know what of what you speak. Get some real information or hold your breath.
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    New Defender News

    an insult to LR owners everywhere
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    Scepter MFC vs Wavian NATO fuel can

    I find the Nato cans a better option. When venting them hold the opening away from your face.
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    Possible to store roof top tent ladder under roof rack?

    I made under the FR rack sliders from angle iron pieces for my Marston mats and they work well. Have to install them on each side of the shark fin to avoid complications. The problem with the FR table for me is the rattle and the sticking catch that some of my friends have. Although I have...
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    The "Expedition hat" thread

    I have been looking for a felt type hat (for years) with a wide brim. I'm talking at least 5 inches. Not a straw surfer hat but like the ones worn by the cattle men in OZ that I have seen in movies.
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    Stainless Sprayer for drinking water?

    I have a similar version of that that I use for shower. Just fill (1/2 way) and put on the stove to heat water but I really had not thought to drink from it. I suppose if while showering some gets in my mouth it will be OK but not to use as a drinking fountain. Your choice. I use a 2 1/2 gallon...
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    Corned Beef Hash

    I bought a plug in food heater to use when I travel. I put in a bit of rice, canned chicken or some CBH and rice. Heats up while I drive and meal is ready when I stop, especially when weather is cold or rainy and I would rather not be out side over a camp stove...
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    Nomadic 270 degree awning. Freestander for about $800

    Great video, especially watching you discover some of the things you are going to have to do in the future to make it work for you. Thanks for posting.
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    New rear tire carrier Westcott designs

    From the pictures he posted it looks like the stop signal will be visible, especially at night. I have a tire carried on my bumper and I also wonder if my right turn signal is visible to those behind me as a driver back there is on the left side of the tire and may not see my right signal all...
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    New rear tire carrier Westcott designs

    So, 400 pounds. That was just a guess. thanks for confirmation. empty water cans, why carry empty water cans? Still a lot of weight but it's your vehicle and if you trust it, go for it. I would not hang that much weight off a hitch mount.
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    New rear tire carrier Westcott designs

    that looks to be about 400 pounds there. Do you really trust that to stay on?