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    Hardware for mounting axe and shovel to roof basket?

    Like mentioned, Quick Fist, they come in various sizes and are fine for most round things. Don't degrade in the sun. I stopped carrying an ax quite some time ago. I have a folding saw, a machete and sometimes a DeWalt battery chain (12 inch) saw for clearing the occasional downed tree. That...
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    Learning to weld questions

    My MIG welder can convert to TIG so it isn't really an issue. I have not thought about aluminum as almost everything I want would be steel. Seems that there is a lot more scrap steel available to practice on than aluminum. It just takes time to be reasonably passable with wire welding. At least...
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    Ideas for Re-purposing spare tire storage?

    I think one of the main issues with an aux fuel tank is getting the fuel to your main tank. A pump would not be a major stumbling block. Lots of them around. You could have a custom tank made up and not have so many issues. Many locations to have a pump located, especially exterior to the body...
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    Ideas for Re-purposing spare tire storage?

    Noticing your avatar it appears that you just might be able to heft a spare on and off the roof of your vehicle but many cannot do that. I also thought about doing that for my LR3 but the 100 pound tire was a bit much to handle so it went on a bumper swing out. The location of the spare in an...
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    Driving a 30’ Box Truck Over Engineer Pass, in an attempt to prove SWB 4x4 drivetrains aren’t really needed....

    comparing the weight of a Subaru and a 30 foot box truck there is little surprise that a box truck probably won't make the route. So what happened to this story? What is the outcome?
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    Is a Jeep Wrangler with a Defender Front End considered blasphemy?

    Were you ashamed of it being a Jeep and wanted to disguise it? Perhaps add a Mercedes emblem to the grille to really confuse people. Maybe add a Ferrai badge to the back too. It's your vehicle and you should be able to do what you want but seriously?
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    What do you all use and don't use?

    Solar is better I think as the generator is another use for fuel and a reason to carry more.
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    M416 wiring Harnesses help!

    When I was rebuilding my M416A, I completely re-did the wiring. Using new wire connectors and a Nato plug to my Pinzgauer and also a 4 pin connector/adapter to be able to pull it with my Jeep. did not trust the original wiring. Installed new lights as well to match the Pinzgauer tail lights. I...
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    Soft Bridal Strap For Sprinter Van?

    I was involved several years ago with an off road group that stated in their requirements for trips that there would be 'NO' metal ends on any recovery straps or ropes. they become missiles if something breaks, and in truth a human does not have the reaction time built in to duck such missile...
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    2010 Tundra RCLB and FWC Grandby Shell $28,500

    Price is firm, what is the price?
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    Will this shovel stay put???

    Once had a casual conversation with a guy when I had my Pinzgauer, he had one too. We got to talking about Quick-fist clamps, seemed that he was very much in favor of them. He owned the company. Sometimes you can meet the most interesting people.
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    Will this shovel stay put???

    I have had mounts on the roof of my LR for years, no movement, ever. Shovel does not go anywhere and no UV damage.
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    Can we talk coffee brewing?

    Use a percolator with a filter, decent coffee if you use good coffee to start. Been using this method for years.