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    H-D plans an adventure tourer for 2020

    Manufacture bikes for more than one segment of the market? A novel idea.
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    iKamper Skycamp initial thoughts and observations

    Very cool. Good to see that they're not resting on their laurels. I had heard that the iKampers didn't have as much room inside for bedding as some others. Can you speak to that?
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    iKamper Skycamp initial thoughts and observations

    Is iKamper making improvements to the tents shipping now vs. the first batch? They're adding new products to their website, which tells me they're not about to go out of business. I think the combination of hard shell and soft shell features is genius, but I'm leery of it being too good to be true.
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    RTIC 65 vs Fridge

    After switching from cooler to fridge, I'm convinced that the cooler is only the better choice in niche situations like elk hunts and fishing.
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    Water alternative to the gerry can

    Hard to beat the $15 Reliance container for the money. Holds 7 gallons, comes with it's own spigot, is reasonably durable, and it fits inside a milk crate that can then double as an elevated base for the water jug.
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    Hi-lift / shovel box for roof rack

    Any idea how much it weighs? I was looking to use a Pelican rifle case for mine, but that's 20+ pounds of roof load with just the case.
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    Danner Mountain Light II - An on-going review

    What's up with Edge Technical gaiters? I've only used OR, but I'm willing to try new things?
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    Danner Mountain Light II - An on-going review

    I've used both Obenauf and Otter Wax on mine. Both are good.
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    Wiggy's Sleeping Bags

    Western Mountaineering also sells US-made sleeping bags. Some of the best, actually.
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    2017 4Runner Premium vs '08 Loaded Cruiser

    I think we're coming up on the era of built up 460s now that there's some older ones out there that people don't mind fooling with. Kinda like the 470. Depending on your outlook, the rear door/gate isn't a bug; it's a feature. Plays well with 270° awnings and lets you access the roof when it's...
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    Basic sewing kit

    For gear: For clothes:
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    EZUP 10x10 Camping Cube Comments and Such

    If I already had an EZUP, I might consider it, but there's better options out there.
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    Drawers, tidy whiteys, boxers......

    I wish they didn't cost so much, but they live up to the hype.