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    4xe actual mileage and range

    Where MPGe values come from is like asking how they Caramilk inside the Caramilk bar. Nobody knows it's one of the great mysteries of the universe. Also the whole MPG is a flawed unit of measure. Gallons per mile makes more sense and ends up being accurate. Why is this important? Having...
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    I am running a tall skinny tire as well, 285 75 18 (35.1" x 9") Well at least it is skinny compared to those I hit the trail with. :oops: When the snow gets deep up high, I am the one that breaks trail for the group. The skinny tires are so much better on fuel its is amazing more people don't...
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    JKU Suspension dilemma

    I am going to throw some pictures at you. The first one is stock size Rubicon tires with the trailer and Jeep loaded for a three week family camping trip around BC. It is lifted with the 2" rancho Sport lift. 6A82FADD-CCE6-4074-B410-44AA2B4F2F03 by kootenaycycle mountainworks, on Flickr Second...
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    JKU Suspension dilemma

    I use airbags and love them. When towing it really helps prevent buck and dive on rough roads or frost heaves. You might find adding a set to the springs you have now is the solution, you can tailor the height (squat) and stiffness with air pressure. So when you are lighter just run less air...
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    12V plugs and sockets that are not cigarette lighter style

    Then look into those 30amps connectors I linked. They are inexpensive $1 each unless you buy 10 then $.95 and small they are used most often in Drones. Specifications for applicative wires: 16-20AWG XT30 male head x1 (14.5 x 10.5 x 5.5mm) 0.8g XT30 female head x1 (15.5 x 10.5 x 5.8mm) 0.95g...
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    12V plugs and sockets that are not cigarette lighter style

    Hey Dan, not sure what amperage you are planning, but have you seen these before? They come in 30amp 60 amp and 90 amp versions.
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    Winch turns one way only

    Turns out I had switched F1 and Motor Positive at the Contactor.
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    Winch turns one way only

    I bought a warrior winch 9500sd and had it mounted to my Nissan Frontier for 3 years. Then one winter it stopped working. I had the motor rebuilt this winter by a starter motor guy. I have installed the winch onto my Jeep and I can get it to only run in one direction, counter clockwise when...
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    Jku camper hardrop

    I have been toying around with various version in my head and on paper. Building your own would not be hard if you wanted to go with a wedge camper version. Just look up some of the Tacoma DIY wedge camper threads.
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    Help, Overlanding Rear Coil Springs.

    I am running airbags so that I can adjust based on load. Nice ride when empty or good ride with a load and or a bike rack or trailer. You just have to size the airbag to the springs you have.
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    JK130 | Custom TDI Diesel Parallel Hybrid Jeep Wrangler with composite camper build.

    Yep I had an 02 7.3 20mpg empty, with 1.5yards of dirt or pulling two bobcats over a mountain pass it did not matter. Those old 7.3 are dead head motors, no fuel return line. The 7.3 was a great motor, but loud. I still get to drive one weekly, I have a hard time hearing dispatch on the radio if...
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    JK130 | Custom TDI Diesel Parallel Hybrid Jeep Wrangler with composite camper build.

    One of the concepts I was thinking about is your 125" wheelbase idea vs 120" If you keep the body length the same, but by extending the wheelbase you will have less weight behind the rear axle. Making loading and weight bias easier to achieve. I should send you a photo of Wildland fire truck we...
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    Parasitic drain?- In need of some guidance/help

    We use a 99 E350 diesel ambulance as an ETV, it needs to be run regularly to stay charged. The old incandescent bulbs (scene lights) love to use juice. Just opening and closing the rear doors a few times can be hard for the trickle charger to keep up with.
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    Overland Cargo Trailer - Questions

    You could try talking to a few trailer makers that make a trailer in the size you like and see if they could equip one with the Timbren Axleless suspension. We used the Axleless suspension on our little trailer and it was great.
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    JK130 | Custom TDI Diesel Parallel Hybrid Jeep Wrangler with composite camper build.

    My Frontier Pro4x had a 125.9" wheelbase and it was good offroad but it did belly out on a lot of things. Thankfully Nissan made the frame rails the lowest point in the middle of the truck. If I remember correctly the Tacoma is about 1" longer between the wheels on the short wheelbase option...