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    Don't go out alone - and bring your recovery gear.

    My kingdom for a winch! Oh, I have one......
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    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    "Ord"? You can see it by lifting and ever increasing the height of the tongue. below level, CG is forward. With every degree raised the CG moves aft, and the tongue weight decreases. Raise it high enough and the CG is aft and the trailer tongue is standing unsupported. They still taught...
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    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    "The height of the hitch does not change the tongue weight. " Au contraire, mon frere. Yes it does, the lower the tongue the further forward the center of gravity of the trailer.
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    Can’t Wait Until One Of These Military ATV Rigs Show Up In The Surplus Marketplace

    It is. We've seen them testing out at 29 Palms and in the Hammers area of Johnson Valley. It's a legit 4x4. a re-geared version with larger tires could easily compete in the King of the Hammers.
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    Fuel Cans: Scepter or Valpro?

    Scepter cans, without a doubt the most durable fuel cans I've eve used. Trying throwing a metal fuel can 25 feet to the ground out of a helicopter.
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    WTB ARB air compressor, single or twin

    Get the twin, don't look back.
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    JKU suspension upgrade needed - Opinions Welcome

    I've been using the OME 2.5" Overload springs with a set of stiff gas shocks. No sway issues unless disconnected. I highly recommend the OME setup.
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    2021 now? New Bronco, sure...………………….
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    Falken Wildpeak AT/3W - anyone running them? Opinions?

    For those that run the popular LT285/70R17 (33/11.50R17) size, Falken now offers its A/TW3 in both 10ply E and 6ply C ratings.
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    Anyone building popup shells for the new Ridgeline?

    Those numbers would be for the old model...….
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    LT vs. P Metric

    I've posted this before about P rated tires. Don't cheap out. Three incidents in one trip, the same vehicle. What set it apart from the rest? P-rated tires.
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    Possible on a 2dr?

    That is exactly why our Taco transformed into a Jeep JKU. It's a sad commentary on Toyota that Jeep makes a much better and more comfortable seat, with more adjustments in their base model than Toyota puts in their top of the line Taco. Oh, and old guys rule! (one week retired!)
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    Anyone building popup shells for the new Ridgeline?

    Frankly, just how big do expect the market for Ridgeline campers to be? Judging by the ones on the local lot and how few I see on the street, I doubt Honda is selling 12,000 units a year. It's pretty much a unibody unicorn.
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    New shoes for my Taco...Need recommendations

    I run E rated A/TW3's. I'm running them at about 33 PSI in each and find the ride quite acceptable, although my low tire pressure warning system hates me. So far, I've really liked them. We'll probably put them on the Wife's Ram 1500 when the time comes. The Goodyear Ultra Terrain tread...