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    Advice on choosing an older LC for touring camping / light overlanding.

    I don't remember the specifics, but I recall that the LJ models with the smaller diesel are very particular about Exhaust gas temps and you can wreck those engines very easily if you aren't careful on long uphill sections of road. Other than that, prados are an excellent choice!
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    Water resistant 2m radio

    With a good external antenna, your handheld may get the job done just fine. Add a speaker mic and call it good. I run a dedicated mobile in my land cruiser and an HT with a power port adapter, external antenna, and speaker mic in the Tacoma. The dedicated mobile is certainly better but I can...
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    What's your thoughts on bike and component weight?

    Meh. The difference between a light bike and a heavy bike is roughly three cheeseburgers.... Skip a couple of burgers and it all evens out. I have a couple of 20lb steel road bikes and a 27lb steel mountain bike. When compared to my 6'5" 250lb self, they are insignificant... That said, I do...
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    2000 4runner opinions

    You might look at Land Cruisers as well. They are a little more roomy for sleeping inside.
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    would you buy this? too many miles??

    I'd buy it if it we're one year newer. 98s didn't have rear AC. That is a lot of miles so you'll need to plan on replacing or rebuilding the engine in addition to other typical maintenance. I have a 98 Tacoma with 305k on it and it does just fine. I'd offer her 1500 and drive it till it...
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    VHF/UHF HT for emergency use?

    For the handheld, you are pretty limited unless a) you have repeater coverage where you are at or b) you can get to high ground to get line of sight. A better option is to get a mobile radio that can cross band repeat and a GOOD antenna for your vehicle. Then you can program in a random...
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    96/97 LC/LX buyer help? (NOOB in TEXAS has been studying and taking notes...)

    I am in Virginia Beach. Happy to take a gander if you find anything local to me. I would hesitate to buy anything north of me or if it has spent much time in the NE. Definitely check the Carfax...
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    First Gen Tacoma Build Advice

    A tree saver is nice, but any old strap will do-just try to keep the cable off the tree if possible. Your spare tire will work as an anchor in a pinch, just make sure you have a shovel. A couple of shackles and straps will round out the kit nicely. If you are going to go out solo...
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    First Gen Tacoma Build Advice

    Sounds like you are pretty well set up. Nice rig btw! Based on your stated preferences, a removable winch cradle seems like the right answer. Adding a front receiver and quick disconnect cables will be minimal weight and no length. This gives the ability to winch from the rear also--just use...
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    New to me 2000 LX470

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    Buying choices: lx470 or trailblazer

    So, no surprises in your answers so far, but I'll break the mold a little bit. If you get the 6 cylinder trailblazer, it will get significantly better mileage than the LX. Also, the trailblazer suspension will probably give you fewer headaches. I wouldn't personally run an 18 year old 200,000...
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    2001 LX 470 Advice needed

    I'd check to make sure the suspension functions like it is supposed to. Then do a basic fluid change\flush to make sure everything is clean and fresh. Beyond that, enjoy it!
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    New (to me) 98 Taco!

    LBJs checked out fine but I'll keep an eye on them. Pounded out some dents and replaced the busted headlights and busted bumper
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    Handheld CB, Worth it?

    The short answer is yes, a handheld is worth it. Paired with the mag mount antenna you'll get fine performance. With the rubber ducky, you'll be lucky to get the 1 mile you are looking for.
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    Let me show you how little I know....

    That will be excellent for trail communication and traveling. I have that same antenna on a baofeng and while it is way better than stock, the 20 dollar dual band mag mount from Amazon will blow it out of the water. It is small and can go on a fender or be removed until you need\want it.