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    WTB: Tacoma bed rack that goes over a Softopper

    I've got one if your interested, I am in Kitsap County WA.
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    ISO/ WTB adventure trailer horizon awning brackets

    Looking for surface mount brackets. Let me know!
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    Front Runner Wolfpack boxes x4 plus High Lids x2, total of 4 boxes..

    The name says it all 4 boxes, plus 2 high lids, some of the plastic clips have broken but I have replaced them with "spares" of the low lids. New clips can be bought Via Frontrunner but I haven't found it necessary as you can only have one lid on at a time. $30 each. x2 $40 each w/ high lid...
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    Snow Peak IGT 3, w/ Side table, Baja Burner

    It is with a heavy heart that I am posting up my Snow Peak IGT setup. I am changing my kitchen configuration, prices are based on google searches they are used but in excellent condition. I am located on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state. IGT 3 Unit Table w/ standing legs,bag, bamboo...
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    Zodi Outback Extreme Shower $110

    This Shower is awesome! it heats up fast and lasts for 2 showers. Installed kitchen sink type nozzle for convenience and better water usage. Bag included. 8.4"L x 8.4"W x 22.5"H. Wt: 7.8 lbs. I am very busy and do not have time to get individual quotes for interested parties Text...
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    Seam Grip

    Both if you are patching!
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    Snow Peak Hexa Tarp Proset L (large size) (SOLD)

    I am interested as well!
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    Awning fabric question

    I have. A rhino rack, the awning is identical to the oztent. Medium weight canvas, blocks rain, snow, sleet, hail, sun, and small pine cones!
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    I’m a little bit late to this one but when I was in Hong Kong they had counterfeit everything and you could not tell the difference even watches my jeweler (yes I have a jeweler) had to look at it very very closely. So something as simple as a barbecue could easily be knocked off as for the...
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    Tactical4x4 Duel fuel carrier option

    I hope for their sake it's water in them
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    I think that's it, the charcoal plate might warp to flat after heating up. But the bbq box is rattly.
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    Yellow flame on partner stove

    It doesn't seem to be getting enough oxygen, clean it or check that the air inlet isnt clogged with food or something
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    I have lived on the Kitsap Peninsula about 2 years now. I moved from San Diego, I really miss the desert but we LOVE the small town-ness of Silverdale. The town is great, the people are great, it feels like where I grew up. (central coast of CA)