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    Tires: Falken at3w

    I'm running a set on my tacoma. One of the best AT's I've ever used in snow, quiet on road and grips well in the rain.
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    How would you prep a vehicle for international travel?

    My tire plug kit lives in my truck I never leave home without it :) I've used both ARB and Viair compressors, I've been happy with both brands and have had no issues. I'm still on the fence about the second spare, some like yourself say its no issue at all, others swear by the added safety...
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    How would you prep a vehicle for international travel?

    I'm honestly failing to see why I'd even need a winch mount or aftermarket rear bumper. I have maxtrax I take with me of I'm going offroading, and my rear bumper is fine. The reality is that I doubt I'd see much offroading if any at all while traveling through foreign countries. I suspect...
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    How would you prep a vehicle for international travel?

    For the sake of conversation, I dream of packing up my tacoma and either driving through Central America or shipping to South America and exploring once I finish my degree. It seems like lots of users love to lift their trucks and run large tires, run heavy steel bumpers, etc which are...
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    2012 Toyota Tacoma. Built for long term travel

    The trailer idea sounds great! Its a shame that you got such a nice camper shell setup though. FWIW I doubt you'll get a flatbed setup that is lighter than the current bed, and you can fit a quad in the 6ft bed so why go flatbed? It's a 12ft Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 SOT. It's not crazy...
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    2012 Toyota Tacoma. Built for long term travel

    You may not have issues but its something to keep in mind. Here's a link to some on TW: Damn I was hoping you might have come up with some good tricks. I'm on the brink of getting some saddles of some...
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    2012 Toyota Tacoma. Built for long term travel

    Just found this thread, looks like a great truck! I have a couple burning questions if you dont mind: 1) Do you have any bed stiffeners? I see a lot of guys over on tacomaworld complain about their beds not holding up to just a fiberglass topper, which would be way lighter than your setup. 2)...
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    The Frankenstein Build: 1996 Tacoma Long Travel/Expo/Trail Rig

    Well I may have lost all productivity today but I made it through! (I'm using the fact that I'm running a lot of automated tests as an excuse). Great story, its nice to see some background after having read through your trip reports, Frankenstein has had a helluva transformation. :bowdown: I'm...
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    DIY Arduino & Raspberry Pi Security System

    I've not heard of long-term issues with embedded arduino solutions but YMMV. One thing to keep in mind, RPI's don't like hard shutdowns. You'll probably want a capacitor and voltage monitor setup to trigger a shutdown if you run low on power. You may also want to lock the microSD to read-only...
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    Recoating powder coated metal

    I ended up giving paint a try since... well I had rattle cans left over from a bed rack I'm doing and figured it doesn't harm it at all. Sanded all the rust spots I could find down to bare metal again, scuffed the powdercoating with some sandpaper, and gave it a couple coats of paint. Seems to...
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    Battleship Jones: 2015 Tacoma DCLB Build Thread

    Be glad your truck is worth enough to not get totaled. I've seen jeeps get totaled from hail like you had. Maybe they can throw some sound dampening material in there while they're at it :agree:
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    I finally found a truck. Let the fun begin! aka My 1st Gen Experience and slow build.

    Did you check the breather line at full axle droop? Maybe its just the angle of the picture but it looks like you didn't give it much slack for axle movement.
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    That looks fantastic, out of curiosity, do you know how much the alucab stuff effects your fuel economy? I'm running just a basic bed rack right now but I'd love to have something like your setup eventually.
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    Battleship Jones: 2015 Tacoma DCLB Build Thread

    Man this is the 3rd vehicle I've seen on forums that got damage from that hailstorm. I saw a couple month old 3rd gen with similar golfball treatment and a wrangler with a decimated soft top. Hopefully they get you all worked out, I love your build.
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    The M~D~U Report: A Thousand Miles of Dirt in Utah

    I think I check this thread half a dozen times a day hoping for more. Your trip reports are addicting! We need more! :drool: