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    Securing the Trailer

    Try Tufloc. Medeco lock cores. Ivy
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    Interesting Land Rover Defender

    The RoverHybrids D100 is Craig Reece's of PlantDrive. Craig is a really standup guy, I bought a D90 POE top and roof rack from him. He lives in Berkeley CA. I had several long conversations with him over his D100, and the work Shane performed. Jared
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    109 Ambulance: Relocating Battery.

    I am finishing up on my new wiring harness and am thinking it would be good to relocate the battery to between the frame behind the center frame cross member (cg and clear up engine compartment space). I know its not the usual place to move the battery, and would make it a pain to jump (will be...
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    Ambu Build

    By chance, I do have a set of interior lights for the rear, one is cracked but will glue up fine. Paddocks has a set of or dutch vents for the top (more leak resistant) but they are pricey and I like the light more then a anemic breeze. Do the awning thing, it might cost you $40: conduit...
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    Ambu Build

    One more thing or a couple.... The hole in the back was for a heater unit to keep the back warm as it sat on cold mornings on hot standby. There was also an electrical connection but can't remember where that is right off, to keep everything powered while engine was off. Additional you might...
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    Ambu Build

    Those are tie-downs above the doors, although I have a pic of a amby going ship-board where the tie-downs are rigged but the main rigging its a beam below the frame. I have put a conduit throught the holes and made a poor-mans awning with some old school collapsible Al poles from a camping...
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    Ambu Build

    Look at the box in the front of the amby body on the RHS, usually a small sink was mounted there. Also the RAF versions had just two stretcher carrying positions on the LHS (one low and one hanging), usually the medics would sit on the RHS with the walking wounded (sometimes there were...
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    Ambu Build

    Cool ambulance!!! I havent done it yet, but I got an extra cubby door from Ike (the amby body Ike had is somewhere in SE Oregon now, it might be Merriman's?) and a 101FC fuel filler from the UK, so when I mount the door the filler wil be inside and match the door on the LH rear. Your amby body...
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    Heated Series Windscreens Group Buy...

    Over on Guns and Rovers were are trying to put together a group buy for heated series windscreen. Every series owner knows our defrosters suck. We are going through Trevor at Rovahfarm. Please see this link: Jared
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    Series III daily driver/short trips?

    A vespa will fit in the back of a 88 and a 109 and easily in a amby. I think you just need to do it. A rover is one of those things... “Don’t dream it, be it." Frankenfurter, Rocky Horror Picture Show Jared
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    Series III daily driver/short trips?

    I have been driving my S2a ambulance for 10 years in Socal traffic 50-60 miles daily, well I also have a Vespa for short trips. I find the series rover to be zen like. Its a constant attentiveness to small items, that grounds me. Although I make a large salary (200k+) and wear a suit quite...
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    1959 Rover questions

    Geez my 60 has this stuff too, maybe its a 59 or maybe its just a S2 no A. Jared
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    Where to locate used Series Land Rovers?

    Call Ike Goss, he mentioned on GnR that the had a few. Jared
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    Drilling hole in frame for galvy

    I pretty sure they would choose to hang it with the backside up, so the zinc doesnt pool in the rear cross member. I am just wondering has anyone had to drill holes in the past, where and what size hole did they drill. Jared
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    Drilling hole in frame for galvy

    My 88 frame is in great shape, no rust and still had factory chalk marks. I found a galvanizer to do the work ater I finish my welding my engine mounts but he suggested I drill some extra holes for zinc drainage. The question is where and how big to make the holes? Jared