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    Longitude expedition "Drive Around The World" vehicle #1 disco2

    Justin, I will tell Shayne to circle back to this thread. He may have what you are looking for, and will probably want to speak with you!
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    Help Identify Winch Bumper

    Picked this up at an auction. Anyone know where I can get hardware to mount? Manufacturer? Please PM me. Thanks.
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    Help Me Build A Defender 110 Please

    So build what you want how you want, and enjoy. Mat be beneficial to talk to Stuart Foley at FoleySV. He has built a few legal, importable rigs that folks have used to tour the states with. He may know of one here, and also can refurb trucks.
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    Help Me Build A Defender 110 Please

    The 200 and 300Tdi’s are fine engines for touring and off road. Provided they are in good tune. Folks buy a 25 year old Defender, tweak the injection pump (which the previous 3 owners tweaked), maybe do a cam belt (without dial guage timing the pump) and never adjust valves. So must be a crap...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Hopefully mods don’t cae about our truck preferences, and are instead worried about ad hominem attacks and paid posters. As for the truck, it would seem the majority of LR enthusiasts are not real excited about the new D. As stated on other forums, Defender fans are probably not LR’s market or...
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    Last Overland!

    Wow, just amazing!
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    130, 200Tdi, LHD. Complete rebuild needed. Should have looked over more before purchase, lol.
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    1991 LHD 110CSW, 200Tdi. Local FB Marketplace find. Changed all fluids, fixed door locks and new driver door hinges. Road trip coming up later this month.
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    Building 10 Disco 2 vehicles for an expedition company..

    About 90% of UK forum discussing liners and gas/water leak by are also mentioning stock LR fuel mapping and temp as one of the root causes for slipped liners. Are you going to do any ECU remaps? Also note that the UK fellows are seeing this on any block except the 3.5. 3.9/4.0/4.6. Later...
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    The 130

    Extracted 2.5NA engine yesterday. No major issues, left gearbox and transfer box in place. Finally have the proper parts to assemble the 200, was waiting on a few gaskets. Need to reseal oil pan and ladder frame, reinstall transmission adapter and gasket, replace lift pump and vacuum pump...
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    The 130

    Started removal of 2.5NA while waiting on 200Tdi parts. Trans adapter to block gasket is holding me up, on order. Donated shroud system to the 2.5NA 110 pickup. A few other bits will go on that truck as well. Leaving the new Ashcroft LT77S and transfer box in place. We shall see how well the...
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    Educate me on Roof Racks for RTT

    We have the Voyager RTT specific rack on our LR4, with a Tepui RTT. Works well, annex adds lots of space, and place to stay dry if raining, location for Dometic toilet, and place for the dog to sleep. With tent off there are rails to convert to full rack. One of the best items we bought is...
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    The 130

    Not a ton of progress! Been working on house, trying to get buttoned up. Damned hurricane. I did get a RoverDrive and transfer box referenced on another thread here. Good stuff. Will be happy with that behind the 200. As with all things LR, I am learning a lot about the truck and parts...
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    Another expedition truck on portals...

    Took a trip up to Florida’s Defender Mecca, Orlando, and visitied Ash and other shops. This truck is going to be amazing when completed. Ash’s attention to detail shows on this and other rigs in his shop.
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    LR3 Slider options/opinions

    Voyager. Stout as F! Have balanced the LR4 on them in NC at URE.