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    06 Fuso FE145 Crew Cab Tilt?

    These are in the USA. A Harbor Freight hydraulic ram pump would likely be an adequate power source...
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    Diving in Head First!

    I've ordered a set of the Defender mirrors. I assume you had to drill holes in the lower mirror mount in order to fit them? Where is the cord for your block heaters. I'd love to use one if I have one but I've never seen a cord. My truck came from the SE so maybe they were only installed on...
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    Diving in Head First!

    Where is your block heater? I have not noticed one on mine. I also lack the mirror heaters
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    Diving in Head First!

    Question about your mirrors: the OE mirrors are at driver’s eye level. Your new mirrors are lower and you must have to look down to use them. Is this a problem.
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    FG's in Action

    Ran across this:
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    Fuso Truck Assembly

    I was very surprised so much hand work was involved. Hand riveting, cutting, grinding. I thought all of that stuff would be automated. Why was the guy hitting the lug nuts with a hammer?
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    Turbo problem - Isuzu NPR

    How are you powering that fridge?
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    Turbo problem - Isuzu NPR

    I'd try to get a direct reading of boost pressure, either via a software program which provides a readout or installing a manual pressure gauge. It could be a problem with the sender but knowing the actual pressure and how it varies at various speeds could get you looking in the right...
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    Cab Interchangeably

    Busbees may even have a cab for your year
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    Cab Interchangeably

    Call Busbees and ask them. They would be the best source for a cab also.
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    Should I Jump on 2007 Mitsubishi Fg140 4x4 for sale?

    $30k seems high with that many miles but it would depend on what is on the back. Where are you located?
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    Replacement Roof Corners

    Are these similar?
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    IFS 2001 Canter 4x4

    He has a lot of Toyota Dyna videos. They had IFS. Could it be swapped in from one of those?
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    IFS 2001 Canter 4x4

    The description says FG 62 if that is relevant to what model it is
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    Baby in the Fuso

    Couldn’t you watch the dog in the camper with a video baby monitor?