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    FJ with a family of five plus dog

    I It can be done. Been all over southeast and out west with family of 4, which at the time where teenager plus 46lbs dog. If I had it to do over, 4 runner. The fj is perfect now the boys are away at collage, for myself, wife and dog.
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    Free to good home

    Well that didnt take long! Sent you my info surfrig.
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    Free to good home

    Well not really free you pay shipping ($10.00) Cleaning out garage this afternoon came across couple of gen 3 parts someone may want. Got a valve cover gasket set, intake gasket set, and 5 new denso spark plugs.(if I come across the 6th its included). These where from my 2004 limited that I've...
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    Hairy Apple's camping trailer build.

    Man looks great, you need a dimpling die for all those holes. That would put it over the top. Cant wait to see how it ends up.
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    looking for bumper box for CBI t3 bumper

    How about something likes these Or any local fab shop could build yoh a custom one. Walmarts web site had them for even cheaper🤔
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    WATER JERRY CAN WITH TAP - BY FRONT RUNNER Not cheap but will not leak!
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    lightweight awning options?

    Kelty noahs tarp, couple of big box extension paint poles. Job done.
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    Who is pulling an off road trailer with their Taco?

    Update on gas mileage for my fj cruiser w/rtt towing my offroad teardrop. Just got back from a trip to CO/UT. Got about the same mileage I quoted before 14-15 mpg. Except in Kansas and eastern CO. I think the combination of crosswind, slight incline, and higher speed limit just killed the...
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    off-brand awnings?

    Rickc I think you nailed it. So many of our consumer products are made in the same factory's. Just to have a different name afixed. The service after sale sets some apart or simply the cost if entry. The global economy offers everyone a price point.
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    off-brand awnings?

    I've been on the fence on getting that same one. Can't wait for you reveiw!
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    Who is pulling an off road trailer with their Taco?

    Stock FJ mileage is about 18 mpg. I was getting on average 16 mpg running 70ish on highway through hills of NC, KY, and TN. Trailer weight a generous 2000 lbs + roof top tent. If you didn't know the FJ has really a small tank. But someone usually has to pee or somthing so the range is fine for...
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    Who is pulling an off road trailer with their Taco?

    Not taco but same running gear. Just got back from SE trip with my trailer did fine. Not a rocket ship on the freeway on ramps but did plenty good. Only real draw back was having to get gas every 250 miles. But thats an fj problem.
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    VRV Flyer Teardrop and DIY Build Thread

    What brand is that water can? Looking at a similar location on my trailer.