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    Cepek Trail Country Tires?

    Man, the reviews for these tires are all over the place. Some say they are quiet and smooth and balance well while others have trouble balancing them and say they are loud and bad on packed snow.
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    Cepek Trail Country Tires?

    Thanks— great picture! How about packed snow or slush on the road?
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    Unsprung weight & grenading weak rear diff - Wheel/Tire consideration

    Are these Kenda RT 33x10.50r17? 61lbs. Sounds too heavy. I think I read they are 47lbs. each.
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    Cepek Trail Country Tires?

    Can anyone comment on how these do in winter conditions? They don’t have a lot of siping. edit— I see that SARon recommends them for snow/ice. Has anyone else used them in the winter?
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    Goodyear Wrangler Ultra-Terrain AT - is this a new tire?

    I’ve had great luck with the Hankook ATM RF10. I’m on my third set. They wear great, are quiet, and are very good in winter conditions. Pretty cheap too. Not very exciting but a solid all terrain tire.
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    Kenda AT2 KR628

    I like the R/T but it doesn’t come in the 16” size I need unfortunately.
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    Kenda AT2 KR628

    Thanks! I think the 35x10.50 is the R/T version, not the AT2.
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    Cepek Trail Country Tires?

    These are priced very competitively. You can get the 265/75r16 online for $145. I've seen good reviews but they don't seem very common.
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    Kenda AT2 KR628

    Hi-- Does anyone have experience with these? There are priced very low and people seem to like the R/T version.
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    Falken MT in 255/85r16

    Let's hope they follow up with an AT3W in 255/85r16. They already offer it in 255/80r17.
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    Falken MT in 255/85r16

    Hi— looks like the Falken MT is available in 255/85r16 now with a reasonable price.
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    It's Bronc o clock

    My Wk2 with factory tow and v6 is 6200lbs.
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    215/85R16 on a Cherokee?

    215/85r16's are semi-popular on stock Libertys. Google it and you will find info and pictures. I loved the 30x9.50 size on my stock XJ's.
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    ¿What tire size do you wish existed? But does not.

    255/85r16 in C range all terrain
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    LT265/65R18/E KO2 vs 265/65R18/SL Wildpeaks - sidewall strenght?

    You can get a Ridge Grappler in XL for a little less than the BFG and it should have a stronger sidewall than you are currently running. I'm getting the same size Falken AT3W SL for my WK2 but I don't have any issues with punctures.