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    GX 470, 460 suspension lift concerns

    Can't go wrong with OME. Bought this kit for my FJCruiser because it was on sale at 4wheelonline. Very pleased with the result and ride quality. My friend is running OME BP-51s and coils with SPC UCA on his GX460 .
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    BFG KM3's or.....

    The Kumho KL71 is a decent choice. I was satisfied with their on and off road performance. The treadwear of these kumho tires was substantially even until towards the end of their life. They were just louder than I've expected.
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    04 Tundra Headlight Replacement

    I recommend The Retrofit Source for the kit.
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    OPINION: Single or dual ARB compressor

    I have the Arb single. I have no plan to run air tools so it is good enough for airing up my tires.
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    LR4 - aftermarket parts

    If you still want an OEM one, try Lucky8 LLC. They have good prices.
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    “Extend My Seat”

    The Big Boy seat bracket from Misch 4x4 is another option for you
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    JKU 37's

    37's will look awesome for sure but the big cost is that you'll want to regear.
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    DIY: Homemade Camp kitchen and drawer system build by an every day Joe

    The drawer system is definitely a neat idea. Good job!
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    Folding step & hitch

    That's a neat idea! Like it!
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    Grand Cherokee WK2 Off-Road Capability and Reliability

    You can find some nice reviews here also---
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    Round LED Lights?

    I have the JW Speaker aux lights on my JK and I'm very pleased with their quality and performance.
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    Jeep gladiator build

    That's really a cool project. Can't wait to see the progress.
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    Spare tire carrier ideas....

    Wow! Those are heavy and big tires.
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    Heres my jeep Trailer/camper

    Very interesting. Haven't seen a trailer like that. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    Custom Steel Wheels (for Toyota)

    See post #3. The guy did a good job. --