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    Ground tent for roof top

    I've been working on that idea (in my head right now) for a few weeks. I just need to do a smaller version of the platform I have in mind to see if it works the way I envision. If it does then I'll do it full size and see how it goes, work out any kinks. This would give us the option of having...
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    Free Standing Screen Room reviews

    I set it up in the garage a couple of days ago. Didn't go over it with a fine tooth comb yet but everything looks great so far. Easy to set up and love the head room. No solid zip up panels and, unfortunately, no rainfly. I might contact the company and see if they make a fly or know of one that...
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    Free Standing Screen Room reviews

    UPS is delivering this one to me today. When I talked to the company they said there are slight flaws on one side of the fabric. No holes, cosmetic. I figured for a screenhouse I can live with that. I'm also looking around for a tent and thought for the price, around $84, this would let me get...