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    In Search Of: Flip Pac for 6ft bed Tacoma in AZ (but willing to travel).

    Is anyone still making spare parts for those things? I feel like some owners aren't willing to sell theirs because they might have broken the torsion bar, holes in their tent, or some sort of crack on the shell and want it fixed before making a sale. You can always look at some of the newer...
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    FS: AT Tacoma Habitat for 6' bed (San Jose, CA)

    I'll start responding now.
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    FS: AT Tacoma Habitat for 6' bed (San Jose, CA)

    liked the most: * the room liked the least * it takes me 3 minutes to close up the tent
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    Corned Beef Hash This is the best guide because it outlines time vs temperature and the overall product you'll produce at the end. You don't have to exactly follow their recipe. I just use the...
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    Wanted: AT Habitat for Tacoma 6" or Similar

    Didn't that run you like 13k originally?
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    Corned Beef Hash

    I'll do the hormel when I'm lazy, which is.. like most of the time. However, during March before St Paddy's, I'll pick up 4 of the fresh ones and freeze 3 of them for the rest of the year. I wash the slime off, use the spice packet, throw in a head or two of cabbage and a few rough cubed...