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    LED Light Bars; Post Up Pics

    The ones I have are the same as the XL Pro (the R indicates a round front vs the squarish front), but came out before the smaller Squadrons.
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    LED Light Bars; Post Up Pics

    They do well, for what they are. They are not as bright as an equivalent sized HID, but are the best of the LEDs in that size range (I'm betting that a quad pack KC Flex setup would be similar) and are brighter than the equivalent sized VisionX Light Cannons. Doing a comparision with pics is...
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    LED Light Bars; Post Up Pics

    Take a look at my post above (#286) to the testing I did this year. They did very well and the flexibility in setting them up (beam patterns and bar size) can't be beat. The 30" spot bar put out as much light as a 50" Rigid. That would be nice, but I can only test what folks show up with...
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    LED Light Bars; Post Up Pics

    I got a new bumper and replaced my 20" and LZR cubes with two 30" KC Flex leds (one spot, one combo) and a pair of Flex duals (flood). I still have the Squadrons on the hood). Here is a write-up on my install:
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    LED Light Bars; Post Up Pics

    As a follow-up, I was able to do another test this year. Here are the results:
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    LED Light Bars; Post Up Pics

    Thanks!! It was quite a bit of work to pull it all together. I don't mind at all, data like this is hard to come by.
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    LED Light Bars; Post Up Pics

    As a follow up, here is my current setup: Hood: Baja Designs Squadron XL Bumper (center): Rigid E Series 20" Bumper (cutouts): KC Hilites LZR Cubes
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    LED Light Bars; Post Up Pics

    I was pondering some of the same points as Dan. My solution was to test different lights at different distances using a lux meter. Lux (light per area) is by far the best unit to measure true light output. For example, at 50 yards, a Rigid 40" light bar put out 36 lux vs the 4 lux an M&R (a...
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    Called to Creation Expedition Report: Scout Out Colorado 2014

    Really enjoyed the pics, thanks for the trip report.
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    Larry's 1978 K10

    I got mine in the mail yesterday and had a chance to read the article. Very cool to get a magazine feature. They definitely took the overland point of view in the article (not the cheap truck p.o.v.)/ Your truck has always been one of my favorite builds on ExPo.
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    2011 F150 Raptor- Built

    Free bump for a friend.
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    Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!

    Here are a few pics of my Raptor:
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    Nevada trip

    Great trip report.
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    2013 Ford Raptor SuperCrew build

    Glad to see another Raptor owner!
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    AEV Brute Expedition Build in Dubai

    Bump for updates.