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    Putting my feeler out 2016 Ford Transit quadvan 4x4 med roof

    You can get insurance on a vehicle with salvage title. Not sure who has told you other wise? But brand new awd transits med length and height is 44k msrp
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    7.3 question

    I would buy a 4 door 4x4 7.3 with less than 200k for 10k if I saw one. They are regularly listed for 20 around here. Would they take 10? Maybe but I'm not going to talk to a dozen crazy people to find the one guy who actually wants to sell a truck.
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    Tell me about small tent trailers

    How are you liking the trailer? We started looking at this model last week. They are few and far between and used prices certainly don't seem to be at a 30% discount vs new. The used ones I have seen they are asking as much or more than dealer.
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    2011 frontier

    wife and I agree the 235s make turning better. It still drivers like a frontier though.... even with 2 lanes I didnt have enough room to flip a U with the wheel hard locked. Fuel economy has really gone to piss, the computer read 8mpg and eventually climbed to just over 12. Hand calculated came...
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    Shop Overland Frontier build

    Thats wild. I feel like I regularly see people talking about buying brand new pro4x frontiers for about 30k. Previously it made me feel like I overpaid for mine, but 5 years and almost 100k miles later it doesn't bother me as much. It has been the best thing I've ever owned, I just wish the GVWR...
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    Shop Overland Frontier build

    How do you spend 33k to fix a frontier? just buy a new one....
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    badm0t0rfinger's 2014 Raptor build

    have you had any issues caused by running the flat diff cover?
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    Ram Rebel TRX

    I see a ton of raptors in alabama. We have a couple of dirt tracks for funny car racing but other than going to the track, what good is a raptor? I can think of numerous ways I would prefer to spend 100 grand, but I would give someone 20 bucks for an hour in the driver's seat on the test track.
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    Ram Rebel TRX

    front page write up.
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    NPR 4wd conversion and camper build thread.

    I think I have been in swimming pools smaller than that fuel tank.
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    Holy Grail Jeep, 05 LJ Rubicon

    this guys garage is nicer than my living room...
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    2011 frontier

    3 of my 4 tires were still in acceptable shape even after clocking over 60k miles. I was going to give you an exact age/mileage but firestone is telling me I can no longer access my account online. That it is only through an app? The new tires make my truck feel like I am driving on clouds, I...
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    2011 frontier

    Finally joined the 235 85 club.