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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    found while playing on craigslist.
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    Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route By Jeep & Ram Rebel

    @16:30 thats why I got rid of my rtt and I will never have a soft shell again. In the best of conditions the cover and the zipper are a huge pita, add freezing wet temperatures and the thing isnt manageable.
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    97 F-350 CCLB build:

    I love all things green. But I would consider doing white line x on the bottom.
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    Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 4x4 and Falcon Four Wheel Camper Package Sleeps 4

    2700 miles away and I already have a frontier, but I do really want that camper.
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    DIY Pop Up Box Camper

    I only have a 5 foot bed or I would be sending you my cell number.
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    97 F-350 CCLB build:

    I would bolt unistrut to the top of the camper and then anytime you want to bolt anything you just run bolts into unistrut nuts and you're ready to roll.
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    DIY Pop Up Box Camper

    I'll take one for a short bed.
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    Help me decide

    i think it would probably be cheaper to get a 3/4 than keep the Tacoma. Tacoma resale value is unreasonably high. 3/4 ton will not require an expensive suspension modification to carry the camper. The camper would be bigger. You will likely get better MPG in a loaded 3/4 ton than a tacoma. Your...
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    4x4 rust bucket for sale in Atlanta.
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    WTB Wedge or Pop-up Camper for Short Bed Tacoma

    Where are you located? wander the west forum has a camper alert thread thats active. Tacoma world has an active thread If you're east of the mississippe finding a used one that isnt as much (or more than) a new one is going to be rare. I guess it happens, I see people post about sweet deals...
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    Aftermarket skid plates or stock?

    Then I wouldnt spend any money on it. I havent changed mine yet, it was high on the priority list years ago, but my OEM front skids are still clean, I havent taken a good look at the gas tank skid in a long time.
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    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    I love seeing General Grabbers on the front page article when did you put those on?
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    FlipPac Tacoma Frontier Compatibility??

    When I was looking for camper shells the major different I noticed taco vs frontier is the horn on the bottom cab side of the fiberglass shells. The frontier has a more pronounced body line there and the taco is more square. I would bet a taco shell will fit a frontier, but not the other way around.
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    6 on 4.5" trailer hubs?

    I'm thankful that before I spent a ton of money on getting 3 axles with matching wheels I decided a trailer wasn't for me. I talked to ever hub manufacturer I could get on the phone and no one would make me a hub. I ran down the options and as far as I could tell they were. Run a nissan axle...