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    Overland Journal: G-Wagen

    Check the G Wagen forums outside of expedition portal and you should be able to find the answer. Lots of people have removed them so they don't get stuck in the backcountry.
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    2001 G320 - major restoration - rare color

    This truck was posted up on clubgwagen as well, one of the members of that forum inquired about this truck when it was being sold by the previous owner and was told that it was in an accident, thus the restoration. Current seller was adamant that it was never in an accident but the forum member...
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    Newbie, LS3 into a G? MB 250GD ?

    There is a gentleman working on an LS swap over at the clubgwagen forum. Not sure how it will turn out, but I am rooting for him. Unfotunately the G section in this forum is not particularly active and you will have better luck searching this out in other forums. The reason EMC doesn't do...
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    Need help to identify parts number (US or Canada)

    You will have much better luck with getting this answered on clubgwagen forum if you haven't been over there yet. It is much more active and helpful than the G section on here. Just be sure to post your vin and someone will pull the part numbers for you from EPC. There are also a number of...
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    Anyone added aftermarket seats to G500 (scheel-mann or Recaro)? Opinions/Advice?

    I sat in the scheel-mann seats at the oregon treffen a couple weeks ago and when I go to replace the seats in my 460 I will be going that route. They are pretty pricey, but I look at it as a one time do it right the first time purchase and they can always be swapped to the next vehicle.
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    On The Road Home, Gelandewagen Ambulance Build Thread

    I don't know a ton about the importation process, but I do know that you are correct on that front needs to be the original engine or at least the same model engine as the originally equipped or import problems arise. Mine is already here and registered and with the 4 speed and 6 cylinder gas...
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    On The Road Home, Gelandewagen Ambulance Build Thread

    Hi Devon, If I were you I would also consider the OM606A, in my opinion a much better motor for the weight of your vehicle. The OM606A will give you much better options for power, they can be tuned to 500+ HP and would move your heavy camper much better than on OM617A. The OM606A is super...
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    Importing a G?

    I don't have any experience with Mastodon, but if anyone is considering them do yourself a quick favor and do some searches here and also on clubgwagen. It seems that all is not right with them, and I will leave it at that.