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    RRC half shafts wanted

    Do you need the long or short side? -Jeff
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    Land Rover design director vows to put third-party tuners out of business

    Im just going to leave this here. -Jeff
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    New wind shield frames with window's for defender

    Pics? Or are these NTO (new take offs) from MTD? -Jeff
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    WTB: Natos or 5-spokes

    Did you try John Gadd (RoverDude)? -Jeff
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    DI/RRC axle swapping info

    At a minimum, I think you will have to loose the RRC ABS to use the D90 Calipers. -Jeff
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    DI/RRC axle swapping info

    All NAS RRCs have the wider radius arms. -Jeff
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    DI/RRC axle swapping info

    The only potential issue in the front is that around the time when the disco came out they changed the claiper bolts from SAE to metric. If your bolts are SAE, then you will need to ream out the holes on the caliper and us the Disco/metric bolts. In the rear you are dealing with the rotoflex...
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    Expo East Rovers

    Hilarious that this is the only post in here (LR subforum) on the event. -Jeff
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    Unstuck my transfer case shifter......

    Oops duplicate post. Sorry. -Jeff
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    Unstuck my transfer case shifter......

    What do you mean stuck? Diff lock or high/low? If high/low its most likely the solenoid. Pull it and seal it back up. If diff lock, the it might be the switch, look in the manual on the adjustment procedure. -Jeff
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    Looking for a Series One pick-up.

    Sierra Club? Seriously? They are one of the larger anti-access to public land groups out there. -Jeff
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    1993 RRC Front Axle is clicking when turning

    It should be. My '90 RRC CV's are the same as my '95 Disco CV's. Tone rings are the same. -Jeff
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    D2 won't shift into Low Range

    The solenoid is actuated via the brake switch. Best to pull it. Seal up up the wire hole in the solenoid housing housing, and the housing to the case with 'the right stuff'. -Jeff
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    A family camping trip in a series 1

    The upgrade to a full floating rear axle was a good choice. Do you have a more detailed build thread somewhere? -Jeff
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    A family camping trip in a series 1

    Any updated pics of the truck? -Jeff