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  • Hey Jeff, How's life? I wanted to follow up on something you wrote on a thread i was part of - the X-Pandas for the Series. You said you had a friend with one uninstalled. Did you ever talk to them about getting details for others to copy and make for themselves? I have a 72 SIII and it's crowded with me and three dogs and would love to either do the Xpanda or get a RTT, not sure which. Ike invited me up to Oregon but I doubt my vehicle would make it! Anyway, if you're still in contact with your friend, could you see if there's any info they could pass along? Thanks,
    hey Jeff - what's the haps, man? trying to get out to the west coast with the jeep but I'm not sure I can pull it off. How's the house / garage / truck projects all coming along?

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