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  • Sure, what kind of things did you need/want to know? I know of Tim very well, might have even met him once, at a rally, when he was running the national series 5 or 6 years ago. The 3rd gen Celica I buit has a lot of similarities to the Toyota trucks of the time, but mostly is design cencept, not actual parts. The solid rear axle was originally the 6.7" variety used also by the Corollas, mine is now a 7.1" out of a Cressida wagon. The tranny is a w58, like most of the trucks had in the mid 80's to early 90's, but with tighter gear ratios. Love the tranny, every gear change keeps the engine in the torque band. (helps to have a 4:10 final drive with the 27" tall tires). The 22re engine that I'm using is very torquei, not a great reving engine, but with a few mods, can do all right. -Jon
    I like your car could you tell me more about it. I have been more into German cars over the years. I'm looking at a Toyota RV that has a Celica motor swap. A friend of mine is Tim O'neil that owns the rally school in Northern New Hampshire.

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