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    HAM Operators- Post up here

    Jentry KI5BKX Kenwood TM-71VA (currently trying to install), Baofeng UV-5R 2m/70cm Lewisville, TX
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    Normal Family of 4 - 39 days MO, KS, OK, NM, CO, UT, NV, OR, CA, WA. + AZ and TX

    Thanks for sharing. It looks like everyone had a great time making great memories!
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    CL Find - 2007 100 Series, $14k, OKC
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    F-650 Crew cab camper

    This thing is awesome! I'd prefer it to the LC200 I'm trying not to buy.
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    SOLD - Cargo Box w/ Fridge Slide-Out, $100, DFW

    The original post has been edited to state both third row seats must be removed to for the box. More pictures with the box installed.
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    SOLD - Cargo Box w/ Fridge Slide-Out, $100, DFW

    That was always my plan to make it fit. The carpet is continuous over the top of the box, so it would be easy to peel it back and trim the top and bottom (likely in place if on saw horses and the inside was braced).
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    SOLD - Cargo Box w/ Fridge Slide-Out, $100, DFW

    $100 Overall: 32"x41"x23" (LxWxH) Slide: 15"x27" (Interior (holds Yeti Tundra 45 50)) Box: 21"x20" (Interior) I bought my first Land Cruiser a few years back, and this was my first purchase to help me become an Overlander. Soon after this more babies showed up, and I have yet to be more...
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    Best LC100 Question and leaving the Land Rover World.

    After driving a 4-speed for a couple year, I'd pay $3000 for the 5-speed. The maintenance history would matter to me, but these difference in miles would irrelevant.
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    1997 Dunlop Grandtrek Tire

    This tire is from my 1998 Landcruiser and looks like a factory original. I don't know if a 19 year old tire has any value, but make me an offer if you want it. I'm in the Dallas area.
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    Factory Jack Replacements

    Sorry for the delayed response. I'm interested, but what kind of adapter are you proposing?
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    Factory Jack Replacements

    These are my extension pieces. The handle piece has a rounded home and the middle extension is crap. The only good piece I have is the one with the hook.
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    Factory Jack Replacements

    Based on your builds, we should all like them if you do! I don't mean to hate on the jack itself. My problem is the previous owner stripped the extension pieces leaving me with no good way to get the vehicle in the air. Since replacement pieces are the same cost as a bottle jack, I had to put...
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    Factory Jack Replacements

    ChuckB, I found that thread when searching. It's similar to the commercial products jhawk proposed from Safe Jacks. I like the small bottle jack (6-ton) like the one Safe Jack offers, but their's is expensive (at least until Christmas because I do like their kit). On to a box store for a...