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    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    looks great, which lift did you go with?
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    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    X2; for real...;)
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    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    @BritKLR I too recently ordered a 21 Crosstrek Premium with a manual. Was in the same boat as well; only 2 cars in the entire state of TX where I live. One was under a recall notice and the other was over 800 miles away-well outside of the area the dealership would trade for. It was fine...
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    Project WK - My new SRV (Sanity Reset Vehicle)

    What a cool blank slate to start with and kudos for buying a rig you can afford outright. Makes those mods easier to pocket..haha.. Jeep Grands make fantastic explorers, I had an 03 WJ that I built. It took my family all over the southwest. From the looks of things, I would say you have a good...
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    Jevy's '19 Subaru Crosstrek Overland Build

    Can anyone see the pics in this thread or are they dead? I have tried three different devices with no luck. I just see a small icon where the image would be. Thanks.
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    2021 Nissan Frontier

    Well played sir...LOL. We dont always get it right do we? I am still excited about the release though as I think it does mean Nissan has a redesign planned for us here too at some point. The Fronty just cant be expected to still be competitive when so many of the other manufacturers are...
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    Nissan Photos - post your's

    Congrats on the new truck Random.. Enjoy Brother!
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    Fraud Alert!!!

    "I hate there are so many scams out there" Me too, I was just hit up by an Ashley77 (whose acct has seemed to disappear) directing me to a "friend" about a bed cap I was looking for. I emailed Mr. Moore and he responded that he had the item. His description though was for...
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    2004 Grand Cherokee Laredo (WJ)

    Nice find, INMO, WJs are such an underappreciated jeep. They make great backcountry explorers and DDs though. I had an 03 Laredo with the same drivetrain you have that took my family and I everywhere. Man I miss that thing. I would highly suggest that if you lift it over 4 inches, you invest...
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    2011 CC LWB Frontier with pop up camper

    Are you still running the stock leaf packs in the rear and if so how do you find they handle the weight. And congrats on an expedited Drifter order slot!
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    2021 Nissan Frontier

    From what I read, it will be the NA version.
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    2021 Nissan Frontier

    I for one am excited. I had an 08 and now drive a 17... Outside of the color and number of doors; same dang truck.. While that is refreshing in some aspects. The truck is ancient by automotive standards. And I hope that Nissan brings the offroad goods to finally go toe to toe with toyota...
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    1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Deset explorer/offroader

    Looks like a fun trip indeed. I am kinda of surprised you havent already grenaded the front rezeppa. They are not long for the world when you start adding lift and actually using the WJ offroad. I toasted mine shorlty after lifting the jeep and went with an IRO replacement. Money well spent...
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    Sorry about multiple messages here, but it limits me out to 420 characters...sheesh

    Sorry about multiple messages here, but it limits me out to 420 characters...sheesh