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    Hard-sided wedge style pop-up camper shell currently in development/testing in the mountains of Wyoming

    Hiatus is using the grocery bag fold. There have been other campers that used the grocery bag fold. They didn't invent it. Hiatus has a flat roof camper and not a wedge style. Regardless of whether they copied someone else and then patented it, that should be enough of a difference... but I'm...
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    Colorado camper build

    This is such a great build! I'm rethinking having a fireplace because of the samovar!
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    Four wheel campers in heat and humidity?

    Those portable air conditioners aren't very good. With a window air conditioner, the compressor that generates condensation and heat is outside of the space you are trying to cool instead of inside. The smallest window air conditioner I've found is 5,000 btu at around $150 on amazon... compared...
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    2016 Toyota Tacoma Limited with fully loaded Alu-Cab Canopy Camper $57K (SOLD)

    I'm getting ready to start my build with dibond panels (alum-polyurethane-alum) and just found your video. It's very inspirational and a great build all-around! What were the composite panels you used? They have a delrin core? I can't find them.
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    I decided to build my own Pop Top camper

    I was almost ready to commit to a flat roof before I found your post. Can't wait to see your updates. It's a freaking sweet camper!
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    I decided to build my own Pop Top camper

    Since VHB tape is waterproof and uv resistant, you could tape some aluminum flat bar to the top frame that hangs down and covers the gap? Did you remove the old rubber base molding you tried first?
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    I decided to build my own Pop Top camper

    Sounds like they are definitely helping then! I can't see the tape link you posted for some reason. Glad it's working out!
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    I decided to build my own Pop Top camper

    The build I'm planning is similar to yours. It would be interesting to know how well the taped ACM panels help with condensation as a thermal break in the PNW. There are so many different versions of VHB tape. Which one did you end up using? Did you go to Laird for your ACM panels? They sent me...
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    I decided to build my own Pop Top camper

    Such a great build! I'm wondering if you could use a bigger bulb seal on one end of the frame so when the roof is lowered, it's closed but still with an angle. Thanks for posting this :)
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    1986 GMC S-15

    You are such an inspiration. I love your posts so much.
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    DIY Telescoping Lift for RTT on Trailer

    The link in your sig didn't work for me. Looks like it's the exclamation point in the URL.
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    92 Isuzu pickup reality check / build

    I'm in the PNW and picked up a 2004 Ranger in March! Hoping to spend as much time in the rainforest as possible :) Have you seen @Andrew_S 's S-15 build? I wish there was a small truck category. Such an amazing build.
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    Colorado slide in camper build

    Such a cool build! I was ready to finalize my portafold-inspired design for the truck, but now I'm rethinking everything again!
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    1986 GMC S-15

    I'm not sure what you are thinking for a moisture barrier or an interior skin, but the Northern Lite build used tyvek tape on all of the exposed interior aluminum before skinning with riveted ply Is the 3" EPDM rubber you used for the bed rail...
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    1986 GMC S-15

    I'm so glad I found your amazing build log! Thanks for posting it and about your adventures. Both are very inspiring. Would it be possible to build a similar frame but with rivets instead of welding?