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    SOLD FS: Diesel Heater and some parts

    This is still lying around and taking up space in my garage. If anyone wants it, I'm in Andover, MA. Its all yours, just come pick it up. I will not ship.
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    1994 F350 4 Door long bed 4X4 Someone needs to buy this!

    So Cool No association with seller Facebook
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    A Nissan Frontier and FWC Fleet Build Out

    Sorry, Just saw this. FWC was awesome, but I feel like it was a little too heavy for the Nissan. By the time we were loaded up with all of our gear, we were about 1000 lb over GVWR. I was fine with that on the highway, but not offroad. We also like to take 3 kayaks with us. The roof can...
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    Sewing Thread....A discussion on making your own adventure textile gear.

    Does anyone know what these are called and/or where I can get them. I saw them at the Rocky Mountain Overland Rally, took a picture but that's it. They are grommets with snaps that you can sew on. Any help appreciated.
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    I felt the FWC was too heavy for any kind of off roading. By the time we were loaded up with...

    I felt the FWC was too heavy for any kind of off roading. By the time we were loaded up with water, gear and bikes we were about 1000 lbs over weight. I think it would be fine for paved and gravel. We have OME heavy duty leaf springs and air bags with 50psi, both needed. The Habitat is...
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    Recommendations on heaters and how to install.

    What ever you chose, don't forget CO and Smoke detectors!!!
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    Flexible panels and VHB? Regrets and tips appreciated

    Here is a pretty detailed listing of VHB tapes, their dimensions and capabilities. Might help you make a choice. Stockwell Elastomerics VHB
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    Google Timeline

    Wife thought it was really cool. It gives all kinds of analytics as well. Our 12th most visited site was our local Chinese restaurant.
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    Google Timeline

    Just tried it, creepy!
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    Frontier Hitch Bike Tray, Open tailgate?

    Yes, keeping both wheels on . I have an AT habitat on back, so opening the tailgate with the bikes on is imperative. The 1Up looks awesome and we do plan on doing lots of gravel travel, so I might just need to bight the bullet. I would also need the fat tire spacers, so I'm closing in on...
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    Frontier Hitch Bike Tray, Open tailgate?

    Just got a few new bikes and looking for a hitch mount bike rack with trays. Anyone have any experience? Hoping to find one that I can open the tailgate with the bikes on when it tilts down. I had a swing away (Yakima Swing Daddy), but new bikes won't work on it. The tray racks with swings...
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    Anyone having issues with KO2's?

    I'm on my second set, about 50k on first set, 10k on second. No problems.
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    Fantastic Vent. 01810

    Free Fantastic Vent. This was a 1200 with motor, I took out the motor for my FWC. All parts to install a vent except the motor. Free, pickup only in 01810.