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    SOLD: Frontier / Wildernest in Boulder

    He must have sold the Wildernest separately. The ad now is just for a bare Frontier for $9800.
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    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    My 2001 Outback with 170k miles was in need of fresh front axles (torn boot on each side. Starting to click on tight turns), so I gave it a little front end resto! Pre-loaded struts, axles, ball joints, fresh diff oil, sway bar bushings and end links. The car drives, steers, and handles so much...
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    2019 Grand Cherokee SLOW Build

    Hey SHALAKO, tell us more about your GC! I’m interested in them too, but they seem to come in about 50 trim levels and 4x4 systems. It makes my head spin 😅
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    New to forum - retired, recently purchased a 2019 Cherokee Trailhawk

    Hey Gene, congratulations on your retirement! I'm only about a million years away myself ;) Some quick research shows your stock Cherokee Trailhawk runs a 245/65-17 tire which is about 29.5" tall. Looks like some folks online are swapping out with 245/70-17 or 265/65-17 which is about a 30.5"...
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    A tale of two vans' travels: Over 25 trips together

    Rest in Peace I'm so grateful for all the adventures you two shared and documented together.
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    post your Suburban pics

    Here's the Eaton differential application guide. Page 10 is what we seek. It looks like the 9.25" IFS front can accept an ELocker and was used for about 30 years :Wow1: Larry would have to tell us what...
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    post your Suburban pics

    I was just teasing about the Yukon XL being anything but a Suburban. A few generations back, I think it was even called the GMC Suburban. And by "potential for barn doors," I meant that this age range was available with them and I honestly didn't even look at what the one on the street had. :D
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    post your Suburban pics

    Spotted Yukon XL Sorry to drag us so far off the topic of Suburbans, but check out this cool Yukon XL :sombrero: Spotted around town. Has the controversial passenger side flower pot, RPO H1P Those tires are 285/75/16 and the truck seems at least leveled. Maybe even a rear block? I...
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    GMC 1500 AWD Van

    Examine here for Sierra wheels: Examine here for Savana wheels...
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    post your Suburban pics

    Spotted Burbs Here is one I saw in Denver back in Jan: One I found at the junk yard. I am convinced that Suburbans are the readily available 4x4 vans that the camper van people wish existed! I could totally see a Westfalia interior built in this space :ylsmoke: And spotted at the...
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    2001 Subaru Outback - backroads and camping trips away!

    Allof75 - Thanks for the compliment. I frequently gush about how Subarus are so amazing on anything that looks like a road :wings: I know it's contra-expo, but my current dream car(/rig) is the new 2015 Outback with the awesome X-mode. A big complaint about these cars has always been the...
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    WeatherTech Floor Mats

    I hate to be all alone here, but I was actually disappointed with the fit of the set I bought for my 2001 Outback. I think there must be various levels of mats and despite the weathertech website saying they were for my car, the mats were clearly universal fit. Meaning they probably don't fit...
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    2001 Subaru Outback - backroads and camping trips away!

    Outback Update It's been a few months since I've said anything about the Outback, but not for lack of fun adventures and great daily driving. I got the windows tinted and it vastly improved the privacy and looks (my opinion) of the car. Those stock clear windows with a bright tan interior...
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    2001 Subaru Outback - backroads and camping trips away!

    Not exactly the Ritz I was out admiring the Subaru (what, doesn't everyone do that for a while?) when I decided to checkout the overnight accommodations. The way the back seats fold is that you first tilt up the bottom cushion and then fold the seatback into the newly vacated space. It works...
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    2001 Subaru Outback - backroads and camping trips away!

    MCObray - thanks! I've read your thread a few times and I have to agree with one commenter who said you've removed the factory dirt and scratches :P That is one clean Outback. I'm not sure I have the dedication, but I would like to give mine a nice wash and wax when the weather turns nice...