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    Best Pop Up Truck Camper for Winter Use

    I'm so glad to read Trikebubble's post since this is basically what I've ordered and just waiting for it to arrive in Bozeman, MT. Did you add anything to your Tundra suspension or is it still stock?
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    2018 Toyota Tundra, FWC Hawk, backup camera

    Thanks, once I remove the tailgate, I'll see how I can mount something like this and possibly get a plate fabricated so I'm ready to accommodate this. Once the tailgate is remove and the camper installed, it might be harder to get this done.
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    2018 Toyota Tundra, FWC Hawk, backup camera

    So, I just ordered a FWC Hawk to go into my 2018 Toyota Tundra which has a backup camera in the tailgate. Part of the installation process for the FWC Hawk is removal of the tailgate. While I've never had a backup camera until the last 3 months, I'm starting to get used to it and like it. If...
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    James Baroud RTT's In Action!

    This is now for sale in the sale section:
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    Camping in the FWC Booth for Overland Expo WEST (Flagstaff, AZ)

    This is awesome. I probably won't have mine by then, maybe next year.
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    FS: ArkPak 730 Portable Power unit, $250

    Purchased new in 2Q16 for $449 Selling for $250 Location is Helena, MT, but I can ship it if needed The battery that I have installed in it needs to be replaced, but I have decided to take another approach to my power needs.
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    Camp Chair Recommendations

    I have a Kermit chair and really like it. Quality, portable, comfortable, durable.
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    Beating a dead horse, but.... Hiking boots?

    I just got a pair of these and I love them. I compared them with the Merrell's in the store and I think these are better constructed/thought out.
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    Hard shell RTT in the rain (Attaching an awning)

    Now that I'm in Montana and it was raining/cold when I was camping last weekend, this now has a higher priority for me. I like your idea and will see how it works or if I need to combine it with my prior idea that included some PVC pipe. The PVC pipe would just add some form to the tarp. The...
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    ArkPak vs a Noco unit

    Ok, thanks. I am clear now, thanks for all the input. Not even going to attempt it. When my lead acid in my ArkPak dies, probably a Li replacement. By that time, that battery you sent the link to should be reasonable..... ;)
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    ArkPak vs a Noco unit

    Ok, I guess I'm confused as well, because the Noco will charge devices and run devices so I'm not sure why I can't run a fridge from one that is charged.....
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    ArkPak vs a Noco unit

    So, I already had a ArkPak 730 Portable Power with a Duracell Ultra Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery SLI31MDC installed for my off-grid/solar setup and it worked fine, but it is heavy. Recently, after reading about these Lithium jump starters and knowing that I'm moving to a cold climate and will...
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    So you want to build a chuckbox...

    I'm not sure where all the "fine aluminum powder" is coming from that's going to cover everything. I haven't had that problem. It might be conceivable that some powder could be generated I guess if everything slid around like crazy.
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    So you want to build a chuckbox...

    I built one of these once for car camping, but when it was all said and done, it was heavy (loaded or unloaded), unwieldy, and not rain proof. After a season or two and discovering this forum, I have since migrated my kitchen to an alu-box. When closed, it's rain proof and supposedly critter...
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    The New Turtlebacker Toy/Adventure Bike Hauler

    I really love this new version. It solves two problems by combining a hauler with the camping section. I've been contemplating my options when I need to replace my truck and with this, I could just get something like a Toyota 4Runner instead.