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    Ready to make larger committment, seeking ideas

    The advantage of a European vehicle is more choice, especially heavy duty 4x4 trucks. The downside can be parts supply, however (in the case of Mercedes at least)there are a number of garages in north America with parts on the shelf, and parts can be shipped anywhere in north America from...
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    Mercedes-Benz 917 AF Renovation.

    I have lost track of Niel and Pat for now, We did bounce a few emails back and forth, but we always seem to be going the opposite way! Neil will probably chime in soon! Selling our home of 5 years that we have put a ton of work into will be OK, we will be moving on to our next project, a canal...
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    Ready to make larger committment, seeking ideas

    If you consider a class a with a toad you could go the other way with a 4x4 truck pulling a 5th wheel. OK for the USA but not practical for travel outside North America.
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    Mercedes-Benz 917 AF Renovation.

    We are in Peru right now, on our way to Bolivia next week. The truck will be back in North America in the fall then up for sale. The cushions we had made in Ottawa by an upholsterer before we left. All the woodwork done by myself. We did have quite a bit of mechanical work done in Chile that...
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    Garmin Overlander

    We have the Garmin in Reach, mainly so family can contact us in an emergency, and of course if we have a life threatening issue. Garmin/Delorme map coverage is crap in South America, is far more dependable and useful.
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    Mercedes-Benz 917 AF Renovation.

    New U shaped dinette. Marine grade white vinyl cushions. Imtra adjustable table pedestal. New Nova Kool 6200 fridge(Danfoss compressor). New Dometic screen/blinds. Beech countertop with undermount ss sink.
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    Earthroamer for world wide trip?

    There are thousands of big rigs exploring the world trouble free. A drive to Cabo might seem like like a trip to the third world, but it is really just poor California south. You can get full insurance and ULSD and you don't have to deal with international shipping, so its probably a really good...
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    Safety concerns of global trips
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    Safety concerns of global trips

    The American government has spent a lot of time telling its population how scary the big bad world is. It's not. There are places to avoid, they are well known such as Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran, mainland Mexico, etc. Avoid them. Most of the rest of the world is open and friendly (many...
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    Earthroamer for world wide trip?

    North American pick ups have a large turning circle that can be an issue. Ford PU parts are hard to get in south America according to some fellow travelers. Low sulfur diesel is available but not everywhere so you need to be able to handle high sulfur low quality fuel. Will your engine run at...
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    Automatic transmission?

    I assume you want Mercedes? there is a U500 for sale that works in an auto mode. There are plenty of MAN auto expo trucks(owned and driven by Germans), that may or not be importable. Budget?
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    Mercedes Benz 100D 4x4 conversion?

    Go to Bezworld. But i doubt it, I thought it was front wheel drive.
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    Having trouble getting proper insurance for my expedition vehicle. Who do you use?

    In North America we use Aviva ,ROW local insurance, liability only available. (9400 kg MB917)
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    Onboard Water Logistics

    we got our water guage from here: easy,