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    Exploring Options for an Expedition Vehicle for Global Travel

    Just as you design to fit a container you need to design for RORO. This means the ability to completetly block the living space from the driving seat to prevent theft of contents during transport.
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    Exploring Options for an Expedition Vehicle for Global Travel

    RORO is cheaper than container shipping. Ford pick ups seem to be almost non existent in most of south America. The hood of an American pu is a huge waste of space that also increases turning radius, not an issue in the US. Friends with a chev pu travelling in Argentina needed to replace their...
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    Family of five, driving the world. Size ok?

    I would suggest the jeep is way too light for 5 people full time. Forget trailers, if you plan to ship internationally multiple times. Start with North America, remember food and water resupply will be more difficulr everywhere else except Europe.
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    Unimog Expedition Vehicle

    Pretty sure those tired are not rated to 70mph, or even 60mph and they are super noisy and wear fast. Bring lots of spares if you go to South America, 20" tires are unavailable!
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    Exterior wiring through foam composite

    use something like this: Do not use silicone EVER on the exterior of your vehicle!
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    Cream of the Cra.... inexpensive TIRES! Let's get this on the table.

    Tires are pretty critical, especially as you approach max load as most smaller expo vehicles do(anything under 5 tonnes). Even Michelin makes some tires in China, brand and quality control are worth paying for.
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    Cooked batteries

    Leave the VSR. Disconnect the 230 volt charger from the starter batteries and leave it on the house batteries. Check the charging profile set on the charger, it may be set for flooded batteries. It may also have the equalize program active. Check the manual , I am not familiar with the Victron...
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    Cooked batteries

    First I would return the truck battery charging to factory original, ie. alternator only. the victron schematic does not show.
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    GRP panels for camper walls and roof

    GRP is the standard for building expo truck boxes(and has been as far back as our 25yr build)
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    Need help with offline mapping

    No issues with the InReach messaging anywhere N or S America(our main purpose in buying it). The more remote maps are very poor compared to open street map.
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    Need help with offline mapping

    Try Free software and free maps. works perfectly offline and with ioverlander. Very easy to use. In south America we have given up on Delorme/Garmin as their maps are so poor down here. We have a Garmin InReach and prefer the software.
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    Denied bringing a rifle into Canada

    Why do you need to bring a rifle?
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    Gasoline vs. Propane appliances? Which is a better way to go?

    Full electric with heat from engine coolant and engine coolant heater using same fuel as engine. For light LED is it period. Our propane cook top has been our worst performing appliance at altitude. Our Webasto heater starts to get difficult above 4700m(that's over 15000'), not an issue in...
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    Connectors and crimpers

    FYI The best wire termination info I have found: