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    Insurance for Conversion in Alberta Canada

    How is it registered? as a Unimog or a motor home? If it is not registered as a motor home, get the registration changed. (needs bathroom, cooking facilities,sleeping area , etc.) Then you should be able to get insurance on an appraised value as a motor home. Try Aviva through your broker. That...
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    Merc 1124 AF Michelin XZY 385/65/s22.5 versus 425/65/22.5

    Are you planning South America? 20's are not available there, and yes we met two trucks desperate for replacement 20" tires. If not 20" rims are better for off road than 22.5. By off road I mean out in the desert dunes or a remote beach, not trails. As for Chinese tires, forget it, tires are...
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    Diesel #1, #2, 50/50, and additives

    FYI (1993 Mercedes 917 AF manual)
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    *Pending Sale* GXV Global Traveler Mercedes 1017 4x4

    You can't drive to Chile from Arizona.
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    How much extra fuel do you take?

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    MB 917 vs 1120/1124?

    I find driving forwards a foot turns the prop shaft to the right spot, it never seems to be right for all 9 grease points! Easier than jacking a wheel. Neither one of those tests indicate permanent 4wd. Repeat it next time with the transfer case in high in gear and then in neutral, repeat in...
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    MB 917 vs 1120/1124?

    Thanks Niel, so does your truck have locking hubs? Seems strange to switch to 2wd but still turn the entire drivetrain. (sorry to the OP for the thread drift!)
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    Hi Logan, I see you looking at the Mercedes 1017. Our 917AF is for sale, but with the US Canada...

    Hi Logan, I see you looking at the Mercedes 1017. Our 917AF is for sale, but with the US Canada border closed we are waiting to start advertising it. Please have a look and feel free to ask questions. I believe it is a better layout and half the price of the 1017 you are looking at! Cheers...
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    1120 AF Build in Norway

    If your prop shafts come from the transfer case going front and back and you have locking front hubs its 2wd/4wd If your transfer case goes to a center diff then front and back it is full time 4X4. There will be one air line to the diff for locking. Our truck has 3 open diffs, all locking. How...
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    1120 AF Build in Norway

    These trucks are permanent 4X4. The switch is high low only.
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    MB 917 vs 1120/1124?

    The "17 to 24" engine versions are the same except for turbo size and fuel delivery. The 917 has a turbo. Adding the larger turbo and increasing fuel delivery will give you a 924. No problem with the engine itself.
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    MB 917 vs 1120/1124?

    The "17" weather 917 or 1017 etc can be brought up to the 240 hp, at a fuel consumption penalty. The difference between the 9,10 and eleven can be difficult to see as Mercedes allows a complete mix when ordering. The only way to confirm the actual chassis parts is to run the truck's VIN. For...
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    1120 AF Build in Norway

    Keep the PTO. You will be able to run hydraulic winch, rams , etc.
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    1120 AF Build in Norway

    You will need to go to a lithium battery bank, and you will need generator back up. The generator can be relatively small and run at full load when needed (most efficient).
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    1120 AF Build in Norway

    If you want to keep things simple go electric. No propane.