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    Man Kat 8x8

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    Flatbed conversion, camper design for light weight camper, heavy person.

    I could not agree more! When I outfitted the interior of my truck I made a dinette that could be converted to a bed. We converted it to a bed on our first trip to Baja in the truck in 1997 and it has stayed that way since. we just use trays on the bed for dining.
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    One Month in Baja

    Nah, you did fine! I had to laugh though, one of your camp spots was about 150 meters north of the canyon I own. 😁 Looks like you guys had one of those..."Legendary Baja Surf Trips"!
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    One Month in Baja

    Thanks for not naming names!
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    Staying safe / spooky stories

    How much "back country" travel experience do you have? If it is very little, then my suggestion is that you "cough up the money" and stay in commercial campgrounds! Sadly, a single female camping alone in remote locations is going to draw unwanted attention to yourself. Your best bet is (in my...
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    Edge Trim and Trim Seal Company

    I received info from this company this morning and thought it would be helpful form you other DIY guys.
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    Military rim identification?

    WOW! That is a KILLER deal!
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    Military rim identification?

    This is not the exact thread I was looking for but close. I'll do some more looking when I have time later today.
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    Skills to build my own expedition vehicle??

    VERY WELL SAID Gatgrizz27!!! Let me add: #6. Know what you don't! High amperage wiring done wrong and bad propane or vehicle fuel plumbing can BURN your vehicle to the ground! Once those kind of fires start "there is a snowballs chance in hell" you will be able to save your rig! Oh, and these...
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    LMTV Conversion

    Hunt down a used U-Haul truck with a box the has close to the LxWxH and features you want, strip the box, then sell off the truck. I have heard of people that netted their box for just a couple hundred bucks, and one guy got a free box AND a couple of hundred bucks out of the deal! Good luck!
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    Military rim identification?

    Ask over on Steel Soldiers.
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    Freestar is coming alive

    Hey Quick: Who tuned your suspension for you?
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    4x4 NPR Build Complete - Cabover Campers Llc.

    Sorry iskipowder, I have no clue what that means? Super Duty, is that a company? What is the part number. What is the max vehicle weight? What is the horsepower max value? What is the max torque value? Do you know whether it is suitable for your truck under the WORST conditions? Do you know what...
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    Skills to build my own expedition vehicle??

    You have gotten some incredible advice from some REALLY bright accomplished adventurers ( some of them owning many adventure vehicles over many years, building GREAT rigs and spending $$$$$$$ doing it). Here is my advice to you... CHILL PUNK ******** KID and start making mistakes!!! Buy yourself...
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    International 3800 adventure bus build

    Bevan, do you think that wood frame is a little right for holding up your MRAP spare wheel? :giggle: