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    Show us your things that flip/fold/slide/pop or otherwise open out/up

    The duck board! AKA: shoe change board, place to stand on rocky beaches, place to stand above the mud while the rain is poring down outside my tent. Here are a couple more pictures from the 6 weeks I did mostly solo down in central Baja (a buddy rode down with me to help with a project on my...
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    F350 Custom Camper Build Questions

    Well said!!!! If more people "wrapped their brain" around this concept, we would being reading A LOT less horror stories on this site!
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    Unicat Expedition Camper Windows

    Bump and price drop $1600.
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    4 "Super Single" Custom Rims with BFG Radial Tires

    Bump with a price drop: $2400.
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    Complete Hydraulic Lift System from an Alaskan Camper

    Bump with a new price $600! I'm not quite sure, but I do know Alaskan Campers are not light.
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    CAD help

    CAD? I thought that meant... Cardboard Aided Design! ;)
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    Go big or go home:

    If it were me... I'd start with an aluminum framed and composite sided cab-over Uhaul box. If you do a search here on ExPo, you will find several rigs that were REALLY cleverly fabricated! Shipping cans are built to be stacked (loaded) 9 high, you just don't need that kind of weight/ structure.
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    Go big or go home:

    I am sincerely happy for you getting the rig that you wanted! The point i was trying to make (and obviously not doing a very good job of it) was that if you were planning exploring DEEP in the outback (like in many parts of Baja) and staying "off the grid" for a month plus at a time... You would...
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    M2 Freightliner Ambulance Conversion Project. 2007 Crew Cab

    Sorry OZ! I could have shared some resources and design "tricks" for your steps if I was more on the ball. The project that is in the shop right now is taking ALL my attention (the one I told you about). So even though "the horse is long out of the barn", here is how I did mine: Buy the step...
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    Go big or go home:

    If it were me... I'd sell it and buy a "9 series" with a Cummins 6CTAA with an mechanical Allison and a 2 speed transfer case. Your truck like LMTV's & FMTV's are/ were fleet vehicles (why do you think you and the LMTV folks got thier rigs for so cheap)?!?!?! They are always followed by big...
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    Has anyone tried to fit a "Mitsu" MSY Split AC system to their camper?

    I'm starting to research split AC systems in prep for Casa's next remodel. I plan on powering it with a generator so any info on split 120VAC systems would be greatly appreciated.
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    Truck acquired. Let the shenanigans begin.

    A quick suggestion to save your mental and financial well being... Fine a good independent transmission shop that works on Allison transmissions!!! I have no good words to describe factory Allison shops (and lots of bad ones).