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    Which 600-horsepower station wagon would make the best expedition vehicle?

    Well, somebody in my neighborhood has a Bentley SUV. Every time I see it its covered with mud and dust! I gave the driver a double "thumbs up".... and he gave me a BIG GRIN in return!
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    Its a dream but a good dream !

    Forgive me for being critical, but those shear pins look a "bit" small.
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    GMC Topkick

    If I remember correctly... Those trucks were also offered with factory 4x4. If so then the conversion "could be" relatively simple. If you desire to go that route, PM me and I'll reply with the info on a few companies that specialize in large truck driveline stuff.
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    Double negative

    If you are so mechanically inclined... You can replicate what i had done on my large camper Casa Azul, configuring your motor to power 2 alternators. That way your motor and home bank are 100% ISOLATED!
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    4X4 Freightliner Off Grid Ambulance Build With Tesla Batteries

    Hey Charlie, Mind send me the info also? I'm going to start Casa's latest remodel in the fall. Thanks in advance!
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    4x4 F700 on Craigslist

    My F700 has hydraulic over hydraulic and the brakes are GREAT!!! I didn't like how the power steering pump was also the boost for the brakes so I fab'd/ plumbed in another pump that runs off the belt for the brakes so now the 2 systems are independent. Now my only complaints is that I don't...
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    NP205 in a Topkick?

    I wouldn't! Busting T-cases NEVER happen in convenient places and in most cases it will take a larger truck (or tractor) to move you because you won't have the ability to get your engines power to the wheels. Put the money into the transfer case or 4 times the difference into the "tractor fund"...
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    Unicat Expedition Camper Windows

    Bump! I doing "spring cleaning" in my shop... AND NEED THESE GONE!!!!!! $800.
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    New Camper Build - THE OVERL[h]ANDER

    Two quick questions: Will the sub-frame be heat treated before assembly. Most welded aluminum structures are heat treated in elaborate fixtures so they don't twist out of alignment. Are you planning on plugging all the holes so that your sub-frame does not fill with dirt, dust, and mud?
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    Show us your things that flip/fold/slide/pop or otherwise open out/up

    The duck board! AKA: shoe change board, place to stand on rocky beaches, place to stand above the mud while the rain is poring down outside my tent. Here are a couple more pictures from the 6 weeks I did mostly solo down in central Baja (a buddy rode down with me to help with a project on my...
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    F350 Custom Camper Build Questions

    Well said!!!! If more people "wrapped their brain" around this concept, we would being reading A LOT less horror stories on this site!
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    Unicat Expedition Camper Windows

    Bump and price drop $1600.