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    Let's talk frying pans

    In spite of its weight, I always cook with cast iron. It gives me options that I can't get with any other cookware. In this case I'm using a Lodge 12" skillet with a regular lid. It's a bit tricky to keep the coals in place since the sides of the lid slope down. A 12" Lodge camp oven lid fits...
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    Dutch Oven cooking

    AB is my hero! I'm a bit of a nerd, so his approach to cooking strikes a chord with me. If you don't have his first cookbook, it's a great one since it teaches methods as well as specific dishes that use each technique. Joanne
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    2019 Ram 2500 or 2020 Ford F-250???

    I really can't give any advice, but I can share my experience with my 2012 F-250 diesel. Previous to this truck, I've driven various 4x4 SUVs and trucks for the last 25 years. This truck is by far the most capable vehicle I've ever owned. I do a lot of abandoned mine exploring and I've taken the...
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    Dutch Oven cooking

    I'm not sure that there is much innovation in the area of DO cooking. Sure, manufacturers come up with (what I consider) gimmicky ovens or accessories from time to time, but nothing that I would spend my money on. The hardware and techniques are pretty well tried and proven. The creativity comes...
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    Any longtime riders quit for good?

    In my opinion, if you are starting to ask yourself whether you want to keep riding, then it's most likely time to pack it in. We all know how unforgiving MC riding is if we aren't fully focused on the ride. Being ambivalent about riding doesn't help you stay alert and focused. It's better to...
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Still camping the the Desert Dawg. We use it as the base camp when we are up working at our mine. It sure fits the way we like to camp. As I get older, having a real mattress is a blessing. Joanne
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    Using a Tarp instead of an Awning

    I sometimes use a tarp to enclose the back of my teardrop when the weather is rainy or windy. We are often subjected to high winds up where we like to camp so getting it tied down well is important. I've considered trying to sew up a better fitting shade using a tarp as the starting point. Has...
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    Camp Chef Mountaineer Stove

    I've been looking at moving to the Mountaineer. I've been cooking on a Weekender for the last ten years or so, and it's still going strong. I believe that this model has been discontinued. The stove puts out a ton of heat when I turn it up. It doesn't simmer well so I use a "flame tamer" or...
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    Basic rigs?

    I'm late to the party but I'll throw in my .02 worth anyway. If you buy any used vehicle for off highway travel, then my first investment would be getting the vehicle in top running condition. A breakdown on the street is inconvenient, breaking down in the middle of the desert can become life...
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    Please educate me on smokers

    Love my WSM too. Once I get it set, it runs "hands off" for hours. It's Labor Day this weekend and I'm going to be doing some laboring, so I might have to do some ribs. Wouldn't mind a butt for some pulled pork if I can find it at the right price. Joanne
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    Starting the all Bronco thread!!! Post'em!

    Mine is currently out of commission. My friend helped pull the engine.
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    Rebuilding Old Coleman Stoves

    Big hats are the BEST! P.S. - if you know what a "big hat" is, it's already too late...
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    Show me your "Adult" rigs and how you keep them running.

    I bought my son's Bronco from him when he needed a different vehicle. It's a 92 Bronco and ideal for some mine exploring I want to do. I stripped off the running boards and the brush guard. Not sure what will go back on. My big truck is in the background. The engine is tired so a friend and...
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    1991 Bronco Project Build

    I'm just starting a build on a '92 Bronco with a 5.8. Unfortunately it needs engine work but that shouldn't be a huge problem. It sounds like you've made really good progress on yours! I really like the detail paint down the side. Now you have me thinking...(and that's really dangerous). I got...
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    1995 Ford Bronco

    I did a charity buy and picked up my son's '92 Bronco with a leaking rear freeze plug in the head. With over 200k on the clock I'm going to have the 5.8 rebuilt and use it for my mine exploring adventures. I had a full sized Bronco back in the late 80's and loved it. I think the "new" one will...