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    1st Gen Sequoia vs GMT800 Suburban Advice

    Suburban, hands down. Same crappy fuel economy and much roomier. It doesn't come with the premium price that Yotas get, even if they are trashed. Depending on what's under the hood it's also much more powerful. The after market support for the Suburban dwarfs what's available for the Yota. The...
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    Custom 4x4 Toyota Sunrader Build

    I have seen one with a Chevy 4.3 swapped in and the owner loved it. He could actually keep up with
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    Oh, the joys of vehicle shopping....

    I have used it for yeeears and loved it. It's by far the most useful vehicle app available for Android.
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    Oh, the joys of vehicle shopping....

    Humm... i have I have no clue about the iPhone.
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    Oh, the joys of vehicle shopping....

    To the OP: get on Amazon and order an OBD 2 Bluetooth adaptor and down load the app "Torque Pro" it cost $5.00 It will allow you to see every sensor that the ECM can see. Most importantly is a boost gauge. Whilst you are on the HW, adjust your speed until you don't need any boost to maintain...
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    Thoughts on a Townace European Camper

    This is just me, but its waaaay to small for two adults and a dog for any serious amount of time.
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    Oh, the joys of vehicle shopping....

    When I bought my wife's Fusion they tried to do the warranty scare tactics with me. He claimed it was over 2,000 to replace the "radio" if it went out. I found a new ACM and screen for under 100.00 each on eBay, on my phone, while he was still talking. Then I slid the phone across his desk and...
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    17 inch vs 18 inch

    More sidewall also creates more roll in turns.
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    Oh, the joys of vehicle shopping....

    I agree 100%. Information is so easily available that a person literally has to try too screw things up.
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    Oh, the joys of vehicle shopping....

    In the case of the newer F150s it simply plugs in, the wiring is already there. Then you simply activate it with Forscan or have the dealer do it for $20.00. I know this because I added an OEM brake controller to my truck. Ford only offers two hitches, one for the Max Tow package and one for...
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    Oh, the joys of vehicle shopping....

    Just saw this in a Facebook group. Don't worry about the reliability of the 3.5 ;-)
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    Oh, the joys of vehicle shopping....

    Here is an "ungraded" 2.7. Stock forged internals ,rebuilt turbos, intake, exhaust, intercooler, and of course some veeeery careful tuning. You can not kill a 2.7 (unless you so something really stupid)...
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    Oh, the joys of vehicle shopping....

    The brake controller is really easy to add to any of the new F150s.
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    Sema 2018 Tundra

    That topper/tent set up is pretty slick!
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    Exploring Options for an Expedition Vehicle for Global Travel

    I'd go with an F350, 6.2, STX, with the FX4 package. It will be a couple of grand cheaper than an XLT and have most of the same options. If you wait until the 2020 model year you can get a 10 speed instead of the 6 speed.