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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    Anyone have a picture of a black JKU with a black shell/white top J30, with the top of the J30 down? There is a picture on UM's website of one with the top up, but they don't have a picture with one with the top down.
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    Espar Airtronic and Webasto Air Top

    I have been interested in the gasoline powered models. Do these experience the same issues at altitude as the diesel powered models? Also, is there a gasoline version available for every Espar model, or only certain ones?
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    JK/J8 Flippac rumor??

    I have been lurking here for months watching the progress and imagining how I would layout the interior of the jeep for use as a camper. I am curious as to the layout of the windows in the rear portion of the tent above the rear doors. Why are the windows so high? It appears that if one is...