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    Why buy a land cruiser?

    I think the main difference is size. The tundra is 38” longer than the 300 series. To me that is quite significant. I’d like it to be narrower as well but then we are just talking about a 4Runner and I’d rather have the Land Cruiser. I’m waiting for the next gen 4Runner and Tacoma before I...
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    Why buy a land cruiser?

    I think the 70 series would be popular among two groups, the enthusiasts and the fleet/construction crowd. Which I think is the exact same crowd they are popular with in AUS. They aren’t as well known here so they are never going to be as popular but my brother-in-law is in construction and he...
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    Super Pacific - New Wedge Camper

    I had an AT Summit and I have to agree, the wind buffeting was obnoxious. The MPG hit was pretty bad too on my 4cyl Tacoma. I really like the wedge style campers and the ability to stand up inside, but for me I don’t think I’ll go back to that style.
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    New Bronco

    Looks great! If I were to go order one I’d do a base two door as well.
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    (partially) new Tundra coming?

    There is a speed restriction to activate 4hi (under 62mph) but no speed limit while in 4hi.
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    (partially) new Tundra coming?

    This isn’t totally accurate, at least for the 1st gen Sequoia. The 4hi without the center diff lock activated could be driven above 65mph and in the manual it states that you can use this mode for normal driving on all types of roads, from dry hard-surfaced roads to wet, icy or snow-covered roads.
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    Great Basin National Park Trip: Top 10 Highlights and More.

    Thanks for the trip report! I’m going to try and head to Great Basin next week depending on weather! Your write up was super helpful as I’m going to try and do similar things! One thing to note, Wheelers Peak is actually the second tallest peak in NV. Boundary Peak is the tallest at 13,147.
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    (partially) new Tundra coming?

    Umm no. Toyota has lead in hybrid sales for the past 22 years. In 2019 they sold over half of all hybrids. So toyota has definitely built a ton more hybrids than Ford. However, Ford is selling a lot of hybrid vehicles this year. I have no idea whether they’ll actually outsell Toyota though...
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    2004 Toyota Sequoia 4x4 - FRESH Texas Overland Build!

    His second ad he posted is way better if you guys want to use that one instead.
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    Redtail Overland Carbon Fiber Rooftop Tent

    A hard sided pop up like this is really cool. And the option of a floor hatch is something I think more RTT’s should offer. However at a base price of over $19000 and a base weight of 225lbs that’s an easy no for me. At that price point with carbon fiber construction I was expecting it to...
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    Are my eyes deceiving me? Advertized as a SR5 but looks like an Off Road

    The rust on the bolts and latch on the rear trunk opening suggest a larger issue on the frame. But maybe that’s just the cost of buying a car in Quebec. I’d proceed with caution on this one.
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    2013 Chancho The Tundra

    I thought that LRA (and the TF tank like you have) tanks are not legal in CA, and won’t pass smog inspection. Have you had to smog the truck yet, and if so did you run into any issues?
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    2002 Sequoia Limited 4WD

    Great build! That heater solution cracked me up, it's pretty ingenious. I didn't realize you were so close to me until I recognized the RB Vons parking lot from a couple posts back. Maybe I will see you driving around one of these days.
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    Tex's 2019 GX460 build

    The front runner does sit much higher. Here is the Rhino Rack on the GX470. It seems like it sits much lower to the roof, I really like that. The only issue is the backbone system for the 470 either isn't imported to the US anymore, or has very limited availability. I am checking to see if...