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    My Journey

    @JerryYukonMontanaTanner Landlocked public land is a huge issue (especiialy within the hunting community) that has yet to be solved. There is currently over 6.3 million acres of state owned public land that are landlocked by private land with no access and over 9.5 million acres of federally...
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    WTB: Any Expedition Vehicle

    I just want to see more pictures of this thing!
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    It's Bronc o clock

    This is 100% false. You're entitled to your opinion, but the facts show otherwise.
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    ITTOG's Truck Camper Build (was 6' x 12' Trailer Conversion)

    PMF works great, FWIW. Did that on a trailer I built 6 years ago and it’s still in great shape. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Dometic CFX3 Recall info thread

    So is this issue actually going to be corrected or is a sticker the "fix"? Was considering one of these later this year, but not so sure about that anymore.
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    Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!

    Will be installing an AAL and some Bilsteins in the rear this fall. Love the truck but thinking about an F250. These damn manifolds keep warping and it’s driving me crazy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Wife needs indoor accommodations....what is worth buying?

    Their post on this page states that they are made in China, and final assembly is done here in the US.
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    Wife needs indoor accommodations....what is worth buying?

    Do you have pricing info available for your units?
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    Slide in Camper Survey

    How open would you guys be to offering CAD of the main structure (interior space mostly) so people could build out the rest of it in CAD? I would be much more inclined to buy something like this if I could load the floorplan in to Fusion360 and design my layout.
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    Slide in Camper Survey

    Overland Explorers Camp-X is $30k for a completely built out unit with insulated pop top. If something like this got too expensive, it wouldn't make any sense for me to just not buy a complete Camp-X.
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    Slide in Camper Survey

    Size: For added security we like to keep the main body within the truck bed so you can close and lock the tailgate. At the same time you can use the gate as a “porch”. The downside is the reduced interior space. I think this is a pretty good idea and would have no issues with it. I have an F150...
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    Low BTU AC options ---> turned cheapo 5kBTU install in the Idacamper2.0

    I installed AC in my Hallmark and put a marine hatch on the side with a 10in radiator fan from amazon ($27) that is rated at 1100cfm - I’m sure I’ll be lucky if it puts out half that - to get good airflow. Without the radiator fan my AC would run for 60 seconds or less before shutting off. Ran...
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    Holy Grail Jeep, 05 LJ Rubicon

    Educate me, why is this considered a holy grail jeep?
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    It's Friday, let's talk cocktails.

    Lately I've been enjoying a maple "old fashioned" with either some Buffalo Trace or Weller SR.
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    2020 Overland Explorer CAMP-X pop-up slide-in pickup camper

    I can't say I care what the AC unit is, but it would be nice to have something a little more elegant than a simple shaker unit hanging out the back wall. I also don't need it to run on 12v. When I need AC I would either have a generator or shore power.