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    Recirculating Shower

    I've managed to do something similar with a Zodi shower. I fill a 10 gallon Sterilite tote as a shower pan, and then put the zodi sump inside. Most of the water that runs off your body goes back into the tote, and then I use a bit of fresh water to rinse off at the end.
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    Lowering my Alaskan 8' CO is a PITA...

    Are you opening the valve at least one full turn? I've noticed in my 79 8ft CO that the front will lower faster if the valve isn't open enough. The 1969 manual for the CO models say for closing: "J. Open the shut-off valve to the full open position (at least one full turn) and allow the top...
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    Aluminum Framed TC

    Northland had an option for an aluminum frame in their Polar model. These campers also had some unique layouts that focused on storage. Because the company went out of business during the recession I've had a hard time digging up weights.
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    Truma? / what is a hard side camper like to drive? (cross winds, handling on highways)

    I have a truck camper from the late 60s and I agree with your pros and cons. Here in Colorado the cross winds going over mountain passes can get a bit hairy at time. Since a truck camper is 'sealed' you don't have to worry as much about condensation during the cold winter months either. There...
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Here's my '84 J-20 with a Mitchell camper, I've had the truck for about 6 months and the camper for just over a month. Once I get out this weekend I think I'll start my own thread!
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    Composite Alaskan Camper/4WC Swift Mashup

    Alaskan made a "mini" camper for another Tacoma owner and it was featured in Truck Camper Magazine: It looks like they removed a lot of features to get it to fit in the smaller bed, but I'm...
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    ARB Simpson 3 RTT with Annex

    ARB Simpson 3 RTT with Annex Located North of Denver, CO (Westminster area) I think it's around 3 years old, I bought it used about 16 mos. ago from a local. I've always stored it inside when not in use. Works well in all climates, keeps 2 people very toasty in colder weather with all the...
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    SOLD - TemboTusk Skottle with carry bags

    Sold today to a local member.
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    SOLD - TemboTusk Skottle with carry bags

    I have a TemboTusk Skottle "kit" that includes the skottle, legs, a generic burner, and the carrying bags by Blue Ridge. Located on the North side of Denver, Colorado. Delivery and shipping available if desired, but we will need to work something out. Everything works flawlessly, and the...
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    Help me spec out a new 2017 Tacoma

    THe locker in the offroad takes a long time to lock, and can only be used in 4lo. At this time no one has figured out how to bypass the traction controll so it can be engaged in any drive. If I were to do it again, I would either go with TRD Sport V6 and manual tranny, or what PirateMcGee...
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    Thoughts on upgrading from an '04 Tacoma to a '16 Tacoma?

    In motion typing anything in the GPS is disabled; meaning that I have to use the deaf voice control to find my destinations. Usually I'll just get frustrated and pull onto the shoulder to look up where I'm going in Google Maps and then type it into the GPS. Some guys on another forum looked...
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    Thoughts on upgrading from an '04 Tacoma to a '16 Tacoma?

    Speaking from experience, the locker, crawl control and navigation are junk: The locker can only be engaged on 4Lo and is very finicky; sometimes it lock right away, and other times I fight with it for a few minutes. I never use crawl control since I don't really crawl with the truck, and the...
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    There may be market for that kind of vehicle, look at the Honda Ridgeline or the Fiat Toro! Renegade sized with a truck bed:
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    16 taco thread

    Could you post a shot looking head on? I'm considering this tire size myself. Out of curiosity, did you notice any changes in fuel economy? -JM