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    Roaming Lost: Montero Gen2.5 Build

    Truck looks sick brother! Nice work!
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    My Gen 2.5 Journey, a build thread.

    Good write up on the gas tank tuck --> link
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    How to remove alarm --> link
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    Crankshaft pulley bolt

    It's a belleville washer, meaning should be replaced after each use.
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    Joined the club

    Congrats! Looks exactly like mine did when I bought it back in late 2012...still going strong 80k miles later! Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine.
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    Leveling Kit for Gen 2.5 Monteros?

    OME 910 is medium duty OME 938 is heavy duty I'm running the heavy duty springs and they have a 20mm/.75 in lift that can be matched in front by cranking torsion bars. Ride is stiff but not unbearable.
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    New (but not really) guy! Gen 2.5 Montero

    Looks great!
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    Gen 3 Timing Belt job + spark plugs check list (3.8L)

    This is my copy/paste response for Gen 2/2.5: "In your case, think of what you're doing as 2 separate jobs. 1--Front of the engine includes: timing belt, water pump, front cam seals, crank seal/bolt 2--Top of the engine includes: valve cover gaskets, spark plugs/wires, spark plug tube grommets...
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    Salvaging rusted wheel hub on 1996 Montero SR

    I had the same problem, had to use a slide hammer like this --> link
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    Recommended Indy Shops for Monteros in Los Angeles area?

    Hello Wonton, nice to see another monty guy in SM. Not a Mitsubishi specialist but George at Santa Monica Brake (911 Santa Monica Bl) runs a well respected local shop. I've also heard good things about C&A in Van Nuys if you want a dedicated Mitsubishi shop. Good luck!
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    DTC P0455

    Hope this helps anyone else having the same problem... My 2000 Gen 2.5 threw a check engine light for DTC P0455 indicating a gross leak in the Evaporative Emission System. It was fixed with a new gas cap: Stant #10834.
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    DTC P0420

    To finally put to rest the issue that sparked this thread almost 5 years ago...the DTC P0420 was in fact related, in my case, to a failed precat on the right side. Unable to find any OEM precats on the market, this past weekend I had it replaced with a Miller Cat part #74004 which I purchased on...
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    2007 Pajero shorty build thread

    Thanks Cruisn (y)