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    Rotella T6 Synthetic

    I run T6 in my XJ (4.0). It seems to like it.
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    Toby the Turtleback Trailer Build Thread

    Would like to know more about your shower stall you have mounted. Can you provide some additional information? Thanks!
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    Yakima SkyRise RTT

    Nice they are addressing the earlier issues with the tents. Hoping it is successful. I have had great experience with Yakima customer service with bike racks. So positive that I won't buy any other brand of bike racks.
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    Yakima SkyRise RTT

    Thanks for your reply. I picked up a CVT is excellent condition over the weekend for a great price.
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    Yakima SkyRise RTT

    For those that have the Skyrise how it is working out? They had some pretty bad reviews with the first run of tents. I called and spoke with Yakima and they claim to have fixed the issues. I can get a pretty big discount on the tent but it still is a big chunk of change to spend. I am a...
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    1st Time to Moab and 5 days to plan it.....What are the best trails?

    7 mile RIM Trail. There are bypasses for the hard stuff. Views are AWESOME! Plan to take all day and visit Tusher Tunnel as well. Make sure to stop at Uranium arch. Here is a video I did of the trail from last year: I have a video on Fins and Things as well...
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    How to calculate street pressure for larger tires.

    What is considered too hot? Wouldn't checking in winter show different values then in heat of summer and therefore how would you know what is running too hot? Thanks!
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    33 vs 35s for my XJ Overland Build

    Ditto on the 33s. I run 33s with 4.56 and I would not want to go any bigger. Larger means harder to steer, stop, and more breakage. The rotational wt of the 35s will suck if you live in the hills at all. Regardless of what gearing you have a stock 4.0 with 35s will not be optimal when...
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    Tool Storage

    I have 3 of ammo cans. One with sockets and misc, other with wrenches, pliers and similar, and final one with testers, RTV, tape and diagnostic types of tools. I find it is easier for me to carry 1 of those boxes then an entire bag of tools. 90% of what I need to fix the Jeep is in that...
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    Long-term Feedback request: Daystar Airbag Cradles

    Airbags typically attach to the frame and then the axle or above leaf where it attaches to the axle. The fact that they are attached to top and bottom is fine if you never go offroad and flex the rear suspension to the limits. When flexing it offroad it would hyper-extend the bags and damage...
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    TeraFlex Video: Your Way!!

    My way or the highway.... :=) Good video.
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    Trek Bicycles Powerfly FS Plus e-Assist bikes

    How about explaining? What is the main opposition? I'm not arguing either way just trying understand better? Motorcycles are loud, tear up trails extensively in some cases (compared to MTB). Is it just the fact that someone is not pedaling they should be regulated? Is the main...
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    Trek Bicycles Powerfly FS Plus e-Assist bikes

    Can you elaborate as to the main reason these would be an issue on trails? If the max speed is 22mph when using electric power I question the need for regulations. I ride MTB and 22mph is easily attainable on most trails. Heck, I have hit 52mph on my MTB. I am also very alert for other...
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    CO: Short learning trip before the long haul.

    Nice report. Love the first pic with the dog sleeping.....
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    Stranded and solutions? What would have helped?

    Glad it worked out for and that guy helped. Very cool of him. It is this scenario that I keep supplies in my Jeep at all times to spend the night. Sometimes when it is getting late in the day poor decisions are made as the sun is rapidly setting. Having the ability to just camp the night...