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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Any pic's?
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    SOLD - James Baroud Space RTT in Black - BRAND NEW

    Too bad you weren't in CA.
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    Dometix CFX 50W Normal or Problem?

    The ARB kit is wired to my stock battery, and I have never checked voltage with the wifi app.
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    Dometix CFX 50W Normal or Problem?

    I have a Dometic CFX-40W in my 2018 Jeep JL and also use the the same ARB wiring kit (roughly18' from battery to wiring as well). I did buy the Dometic insulation cover and I have the fridge set on medium voltage auto off, and can get 3 full days of cooling set at 36F/37F without turning my Jeep...
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    Dometic using AC power?

    My CFX-40W came with AC and DC cords, maybe that helps explain some of the cost differnece between the CFX and CF series.